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The Challenge

Living with pain is incredibly tough. You’re forced to maintain a façade, pretending everything is normal even when it’s not. Physical limitations creep into your life, preventing you from doing things you once loved, affecting the whole family, and the worst part? No one else truly understands your pain, it’s an isolating experience.

Pain Takes Centre Stage

Pain becomes the focal point of your life, affecting everything. Social activities are often out of the question. Clear thinking is difficult due to the overwhelming concern about pain. Persistent pain deliberately annoys you, and unfortunately, neither you nor medical professionals can pinpoint its cause.

The Frustration

You’ve likely tried countless therapies, seeking relief. Some provide temporary respite, but the pain always returns. Alleviating symptoms is a short-term fix, but the underlying cause remains elusive.

Seeking Solutions

If you’re reading this, you’re open-minded and ready for answers. You want practical measures to make the pain go away—not just temporary management. You’re in the right place. We’ve worked with many others facing similar challenges.

Why is Pain Persistent?

Pain is a protective alarm signal necessary for survival, alerting you to some form of physical or emotion harm.

Acute (new) pain alarm signals usually go within 12 weeks when the necessary action that allows the healing process to occur is taken. Pain that persists beyond 12 weeks is referred to as Chronic (old) pain.

Chronic, Persistent (old) Pain, can be incredibly distressing and confusing. The necessary action can be difficult to understand, compounded by the frustration of inconclusive medical tests that fail to identify the cause.

That’s because the cause of the persistent pain for most is not located where the harm is felt, but within the pain alarm signals triggered in the brain.

The reassuring news is that the brains perception of pain holds the key.

OldPain2Go® offers a personalised approach, created by logic and grounded in Science that has helped thousands of people worldwide.

What if Pain is a Misunderstood Message?

Have you been told you have this pain for life, and can only manage it?

Do you understand that being sceptical is normal and expected?

Hope is a necessary ingredient of recovery, had you lost yours?

Are you open-minded enough to look at new ideas carefully and critically?

What if Chronic (old) Pain persisted ONLY because its message is unclear?

Would you be willing to listen to what your pain is trying to tell you?

Are you prepared to take action?

Want to know more?       Please read on.....

Andy's Videos show that whilst pain is an invisible sensation, we can certainly see the affects of it Going.....”      Steven Blake

Before One Session

Short Video - 1:33

This is Andy's Story

In 2019 Andy was a volunteer for a training demonstration, his ankle had shattered and deformed at age 16 in a motorbike crash, and he had been in a lot of pain every day since. He left totally pain free, to the obvious delight of him and his family!

"Doctors give you pills to mask the pain, this is a different approach. I didn't believe it possible, watch the video and listen to my daughters comments."  

Andy File     

Update: 2024 and still doing fine!

After One Session

Short Video - 2:24

OldPain2Go® A Wealth of Anecdotal Result Data

An In-House study based on 216 Feedback Forms.

OldPain2Go® is a non-pharmacological intervention that aims to remove chronic pain by addressing the cause of the pain persisting. In this study, we present an analysis of subjective feedback data collected from 216 volunteers who participated in training and demonstration events between November 2016 and March 2019. The feedback forms assessed the clients' own perception of pain levels before and after one session of OldPain2Go®, using the Subjective Units of Distress Scale (SUDs). The average duration of them being in chronic pain is 10.91 years. The results indicate that a majority of clients perceived no pain or experienced a reduction in pain after the session, highlighting the potential efficacy of OldPain2Go® as an alternative to a pain management approach.

Independent Feasibility Study by Teesside University, Newcastle University, & Norton Physiotherapy Centre 

Short Video 37 Seconds

Drew Coverdale  - MSc BSc MCSP MMACP

Drew Coverdale is a Chartered Physiotherapist in the UK and author of The Pain Habit with over 25 years of experience treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions. 

Drew admits to being very sceptical of OldPain2Go® when he first heard of it. That even continued when he trained in it, until he had used it on his first few patients, then he realised the potential of the methodology. It was Drew that introduced OldPain2Go® to the Universities, and worked within the study, and for that we will always be grateful.

Quoted from the study:

"It is particularly promising to see these improvements occur within a relatively brief period of time and relatively short duration patient contact time of one hour per treatment session. This has potential implications for service provision where resources are continually over stretched and provides justification for further exploration of this novel intervention. These results demonstrate the feasibility and safety of recruiting to and delivering OldPain2Go®, for the treatment of pain and function, in people with CLBP [Chronic Lower Back Pain] within a research setting."

UPDATE: 2024 - A New OldPain2Go® Study by the original professionals and institutions has passed the Ethics Committee and has been registered prior to commencement.

"It is basically putting OldPain2Go® through the scientific rigor required to objectively evaluate it. It is only through these research processes that it can possibly be recognised by the wider healthcare community as an effective tool for those living with persistent pain."   Drew Coverdale

Can you have A NEW UNDERSTANDING OF PAIN in less than a minute?

Page 1, How Acute (new) Pain is a 4 Stage Process Ending with the Pain Going

Page 2, How Chronic, Persistent (old) Pain, is Pain stuck at Stage 2

Page 3, How OldPain2Go® is Designed to Literally Get You Moving Again, Physically and Metaphorically

The images are on a loop and repeat every 50 seconds (no audio)

Short GIF describing pain, simply.

A More Detailed Explanation of the 4 Stages of Pain

Stage 1 - HARM

Receptors Detect Harm: Our body’s receptors (nociceptors) send signals to the brain about potential harm. These are receptors that measure HARM above a threshold level.

They are NOT "Pain" receptors. They are named from the Latin "Nocere" meaning harm or hurt, it is only when it reaches the brain, that it determines the pain. 

Brain Assessment: The brain evaluates sensory input, memories, and social factors.

Decision-Making: Also considering urgency and current circumstances, the brain decides how to respond, and what the minimum level of alert is needed for us to take the appropriate ACTION.

Stage 2. ALARM

The Brain’s Pain Calculation: Serves as an alert system, bringing awareness of the problem.

Annoying Sensation: Pain demands urgent, overwhelming attention, like an intruder or fire alarm. 

ACUTE (new) Pain: is a CALL to ACTION, with Urgency and a Clear Message, intended to cause instinctive action, then any follow up ACTION that is required.

CHRONIC (old) Pain Messages: have a Lack of Clarity and confusing cause. Extensive Medical Investigations provide No Solutions, except Medication or Pain Management, which deal only with the symptoms not the cause. CHRONIC (old) Pain is a STUCK STATE. 


ACUTE (new) Pain: Fresh alerts demand attention and cause a clear ACTION towards healing.

Taking ACTION: Responding appropriately, reassures the brain that its message was clear and understood. So, the message is no longer needed at that level or urgency.

CHRONIC (old) Pain Messages: The message is unclear/unknown and therefore cannot be acted on, so the pain alarm message remains.

Stage 4. RESET

Knowledge alone doesn't always make us feel safer or chase the pain away.

With ACUTE (new) Pain, because the cause and ACTION are clear and the appropriate ACTION has been taken the pain message is no longer needed and the pain goes. As with all alarm systems it is reset to stop it ringing, but also to be in a silent but constant state of readiness. This is the "normal" and safest state for the body, making new alerts instantly noticeable. 

Summary:  Pain ONLY subsides after taking appropriate ACTION, and with CHRONIC (old) Pain an appropriate ACTION still needs to be taken.

What is an OldPain2Go® Session?

Steven assists a member of the audience.

ONLY available if you have consulted a medical professional about the issue more than 12 weeks ago.

Initial Contact (free): When you connect with an OldPain2Go® practitioner, they’ll assess your suitability and session duration. Minimal detail is needed initially, as they prefer to hear it fresh during the session.

Session Length: Some practitioners split the process into pre- and post-session meetings, while others combine everything into one session. Each practitioner operates independently, tailoring their approach to serve you best.

Attendance Options: You can attend in person, possibly have a home visit if needed, or opt for an online consultation via Zoom or a similar platform. This is a non invasive, conversational therapy, with a practical solution. 

The OldPain2Go® Session: During this open and honest conversation, the practitioner evaluates why your pain persists. They share insights, empowering you to take decisive action. The practitioner guides you through a process that has your brain reconsider releasing unnecessary pain and tension, and if safe to do so, releases it immediately.

Consulting Room Setting


Emma Armes

"I was a Paramedic for 17 years before I injured my back and had to take medical retirement. After trying so many thing It was OldPain2Go® that finally got rid of my pain and I was so impressed that all my work helping others is now based on its principles."  

Dr. David Bowler 


"I use OldPain2Go several times a week. It's my go-to for most chronic pain, combined with a lot of neuroscience education, reframing, and indirect suggestions!" 

Dr. David Bowler is a family physician specialising in regenerative medicine and pain management and has a post-graduate certificate in Pain Management from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta. He trained in OldPain2Go® in 2017


Aged 82, she went from doubled up in agony, to pain free and dancing from just one session. Each year that she can attend that same event, she comes to say thank you, and for a hug. Still free of that old pain and still smiling. "I'm ready for a jive now!" Hazel 2019

Video - 1:24

Real People Real Stories, many just like yours...

Check out from over 150 Client feedback (short) Videos

Why Choose OldPain2Go®?

One OldPain2Go® Session

You will know the outcome by the end of the session. Our intention is to see you just the once.

Individualised Treatment

Working with you, not on you. A revealing conversation, educating and focused on achieving a result.

Seeking that the Pain Goes

Unique concept has the body recognise that it is safe and therefore doesn't need to be alarmed.

Community Focused

On a mission to help everyone than can benefit and affecting those around them.

Available Online

Access OldPain2Go® from anywhere in the world. Select someone based in a suitable time zone.

Not an APP

Apps are about ongoing help and pain management with monthly fees that carry on as long as your pain does.

Not a Medication

Medication only masks the symptoms and comes with its own problems and expenses.


Uses your body's natural healing power to get you back into homeostasis (balance).

The Incredible Story of a Revolution in how OLD PAIN can be made 2 GO

I'm Steven Blake, the Creator of OldPain2Go®

The Mission: Liberation from Chronic Pain

My mission with OldPain2Go® is straightforward: “To liberate as many people as possible from the grip of chronic pain.” I speak from personal experience, having dealt with back problems since childhood. Diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and spinal arthritis at 38, I faced daily, severe pain and nerve discomfort. Having lived with pain for five decades, I empathize with its impact and cannot bear to see others suffer needlessly.

Adapting and Refining the Technique

In 2011, at age 58, I was retraining to become a therapist. During this process, I encountered a technique that had potential but also significant flaws. I adapted it for my own use, and remarkably, I have been pain-free since that day. Over time, I refined the methodology, creating a process far removed from the original.

Thinking Differently, Daring to challenge Convention

I have always liked to understand things so well that I can explain them simply and have never been satisfied with "Nothing can be done," or "That's impossible."  If I could do something this dramatic for myself then all I had to do was work out, WHY it worked, right back to basic principles. Initially it my work was based on practice, logic and observation, only more recently did I find the science is now clearly stating what I found out for myself 12 years ago.

Promoting Transformation Despite Challenges

Promoting my work posed challenges. Those who I helped find relief couldn’t always convince others of its power. Yet, driven by the impact it could have, I persisted and in 2016, I began running free pain clinics to hone my skills and explore evolving theories. My goal was to fully understand pain at a practical level, how to make it go away rather than merely manage it. I believed that if the brain recognised persistent pain as doing more harm than good, it could instantly stop sending pain signals. This theory proved repeatable and predictable in just one session.

Teaching OldPain2Go®: Empowering Others

Since November 2016, I’ve been teaching OldPain2Go®, sharing my skills and knowledge, empowering even more people to break free from pain. To date, 1,734 individuals have trained to help others using this transformative approach.

"I lived with persistent pain for 50 years, have been free of it since 2011 and been studying and developing its removal for others ever since".  Steven Blake

For Individual Achievement

Steven's Associations & Memberships

The 6 Top Frequently ASKED Questions  (faq)

Q. Is it SAFE?

Answer. Yes totally. It works by the same internal processing by your unconscious that keeps you alive, runs your heart, your lungs and every other cell in your body. Together we just make it aware of that the pain is more of a problem,  than of help to you. Your body then makes the best choice for you. You can totally trust it because it has kept you alive all these years.

Q. Is this a Pain Management technique?

Answer. No. Pain management is about ongoing effort and rarely leaves you free of pain for more than a short duration.

Q. How often do I need treatment?

Answer. Typically, this is a once only session for that old pain. It works by you asking for the old pain messages to be stopped, therefore, it should not return, just as a deleted answer phone message cannot be played again and the tape is cleared to accept new messages. A second session would usually only be wanted if the first session didn't produce a result you are satisfied with, or the Practitioner feels there may be further opportunities for improvement in lowering pain levels.

Q. I have a deteriorating condition, how will it work on that?

Answer. In cases of deteriorating conditions, your medical practitioner most likely conducts regular assessments of the affected area. Think of OldPain2Go® as pressing the reset button on a fire alarm. Your body recognizes the past damage from the old incident and can reset the alarm, silencing it against reacting to an old problem. It will automatically sound again if there's deterioration or any new danger.

Q. Why haven't I heard of it until now?

Answer. As advances in science become more main stream you may have heard that Pain is part of our survival system and that the brain determines the level of the pain. You may also have heard of the biopsychosocial model of pain that OldPain2Go® is an excellent example of. While OldPain2Go® may not be widely mainstream yet, its simplicity, effectiveness, and focus on empowering individuals make it a promising avenue for chronic pain management. As awareness grows, more people will benefit from this innovative service. 

Q. How does it work on different age groups?

Answer. Any age providing they are old enough to understand logic. Even though people tend to have more aches and pains as they get older, these tend to be more related to moving less often and in a more limited way. That is not a barrier to pain going away which will help moving better and more often. End of life care (Palliative) is often painful as organs start to shut down, and with OldPain2Go® we see this as pain that serves no purpose and have experience of helping people have the last part of their life free of pain.

There are another 20 questions on the linked page, and if you haven't found what you wanted, you have the chance to ask your own.


OldPain2Go® as an Volunteer

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At Live Events we have one volunteer Steven works with in front of the trainees, and if possible, we have one for each of the trainees at the end of training (supervised observation). Your involvement can not only help you but also the trainee. Join our waiting list and experience a session at a training event!

OldPain2Go® with Steven

From:  £240.00

This allows up to one and a half hours which typically is enough for a straight forward Chronic Pain. More complex cases involving higher emotions may require a longer time and would still be within one session, but of longer duration. Please discuss with Steven before booking to ascertain the best value choice of Session. There are no follow on sessions, so it is a one off cost. A small after service tweak is free! Please note that due to my teaching commitments places are limited.

With an Independent Practitioner

Prices From:  To Be Agreed

The map is provided as a service for enquiries about who might be a local certified practitioner. The are not employed by OldPain2Go® nor can we vouch for their service. They do not pay OldPain2Go® for their clients, nor give us client information. You contract with them directly.

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