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29069ASK Steven November 2023
28926Gail Costello asks about the latest pacing system
28814Convincers the latest update
287123ASK Steven 1st August 2023
2866At the end of a session
2858End of life pain removal - Mavis overcomes communication issues
28493Ask Steven April edition
28316Brians update on smoking cessation using our OldPain2Go
28215This isnt going to work - the voice in the head
2819Judith asks about a client with dry eyes
2806Steven explains how he uses life force energy
27929A quick session with Maggie - pre-operation
2788Shortening the process
27711How to deal with arthritis
27669FULL Pain Review Session- He fell off Scaffolding
27523Brian asks Steven about using the methodology for Smoking ceasation
27421Brian talks about a discussion group for marketing
27318Video answers to questions Anxiety etc
27214My new balance theory
27111Looking for the lightbulb moment The power of consequences
27023The fear factor my latest experience
26956Fibro a talk I gave outside of our group
26824Ivan asks Steven about finding the story
2678New pain and referred pain - Steven's personal
26618The story of the exploding knee
26535Steven helps Patrick with the feeling of not worthy
26415Shazia discusses with Steven about working with children
26316Release me now statement
2627March 2022 situation update
26117To find out the cause gives the answer - choosing gives the result!
2607Giving the uncondscious permission ***** A must watch
25922Toothache is it sensitivity - I ask the unconscious
25822An unusual story - Pain has a good result at the end of it (birth)
25718Lessons in Life
25624Hot flushes and sleep issues
25544A fibromyalgia session that did work - Louise asks Steven for help
25433Back to basics, one session is better than several
25313How do we measure results OldFat2Go
25230How Can we explain OldPain2Go Simply
25113Explanation of OldFat2Go Marketing & Promotion
25065OldFat2Go Q&A
2492OldFat2Go Launch
2485Pain at the End - What have we missed?
24713When to Check With The Unconscious
2466Video Studio Setup
245123Handling Objections - Dealing with the story
24428Dealing with the Client's story. The essence of our work.
2439Sceptic to Pain-Free - Bone cancer
24222Stuck in the loop of Fear & Tension
2411Quick Tip 1 of 3 - Just Do It
2401Quick Tip 2 of 3 - Client Focus
2391Quick tip 3 0f 3 Customer Buy In.
23863Bilateral Clarity - Self Unity
23721Programs - Not "I am"
23636Conscious and unconscious - part 1
23531Refresher - Removal and Reset Process
23459Conscious and unconscious - part 2
23319Brief Cases Baggage Removal from the Story
2322Story - Allergic to Spinach
23111Off you go Now - Technique
2304Story - Rugby Accident - 56 Years of Pain
2292Story - Pain NOT Removed for Good Reason
2286Story - Hay Fever from Road Accident
2273Story - Annual Kidney Infection - Grief
2263Story - Eye Floaters - Turning a Blind Eye
2255Story - Back Pain - Bully at Work
22430Several Client Stories
2239Erectile Dysfunction
22212Animal Triggered Allergies
22131Client Story Request - Embarrassment
22038A discover session explained with a Practitioner - Bird Mites
2196The Pain Gets Worse
218155Ask Steven BrainBargaining and much more
21716Multiple Sclerosis
21624Migraines it's all in the Story
2155DECIDE - the key to what a client needs to do
21412RESOLVE - such a great word for us to use
2139No - I'm all right thanks. Why some offers to help fall on deaf ears
21281Advisory Session with a Practitioner - Ear problem & shin Rash
21153Starting a Therapy Practice
210161Update - latest thinking + powerpoint Presentation
20941Dealing with Eczema
20818Long Term Results
20716Training the brain to be a great therapist
20622The answer to AB's?
20549Steven Help a Practitioner who has been struggling
204Tom & Jerry show the problem of symptom removal
20337Wishing you all the best.
2028OldPain2Go® - the way forward in rapidly changing times.
2016Ever thought of Killing a Client?
20017Where to find everything you need in this group!
19917Subliminal OldPain2Go® Work.
19830OldPain2Go® The Basic Principles
1975Head Nod for Yes
19621Story Finding by Deduction
1958Temporary Persuasion!
19431OldPain2Go - So Far - and the Future?
19331Repeating a treatment if it doesn't work.
19229Take Care with Words. Inquiries and Promoting yourself.
19112What if physical pain has a purely emotional source?
19046Anxiety, my Explanation
18917Not charging if it doesn't work!
1873Client's Pain Goes During an Inquiry
18629Anxiety, Tension and AB's
18551Learning from Case Studies.
18417Educating Doctors
18314AutoREM and the Either OR Question
18120Helping Someone deal with Chemotherapy.
18014Symptoms are indicators of a problem. What if stressful circumstances are the problem?
17924Comfort Zones, yours and the clients'
17822How can we help you to get started with OldPain2Go?
17725Empathy in a client and in ourselves!
17612Sleep issues! What I do with clients.
17511Video Testimonials. Asking for them, filming them, sending them in.
17421Shows and events - Feedback from this weekend
1739Working on a reluctant loved one! (it was Shingles)
17216Pain that comes and goes: Period pains, Headaches etc.
17134Cant even Give it away!
17022Difficulty getting a yes!
16913Finding the story - an interesting example.
16838The OldPain2Go Brand & Professionalism
16718Knowing our limits! Is that a helpful statement?
16658Practitioner Q & A with Steven
16545Does OldPain2Go work on .....?
16420What if the first YES isn't convincing?
16337Trudy working on me
16217Questions for when a potential client contacts you - so that you convert them into a client!
16112Finding the Story a cheat sheet!
16034OldFat2Go, what it is and how it will be launched
15973Practitioners Q & A with Steven
15820Clues the client gives - and the power of intent!
1575Simplifying the Hypnotic Triangle
1569HypnoThoughts Live - what happened in Vegas!
15511AB's and a new way of dealing with them.
1546Hay Fever.
1533Why we no longer accept certain links to Websites.
1526OldFat2Go - Why we aren't involving others in the trials.
1519OldFat2Go - trials start today.
1506The Percentage Graph - Take care if you use it!
14924Clarity of OldPain2Go®, OldFat2Go, and OldPain2Go-Emotional. Plus how we chose Trainers and Master Practitioners.
14835Difficult Clients (rather than Clients with difficulties)
14713Pain Comes Back & Cannot convince Client its a Good Idea to Be Pain Free
14639OldPain2Go® without talking!
1459Your own Websites
14412NOW AVAILABLE Practitioner Membership
1432Working with someone in great pain (they struggle to absorb what you tell them)
14224Response to Morven's post. Topics covered Leaning Backward yeses, story finding, and fear
14111Hip Replacement - is it OK to remove the pain with OldPain2Go®?
1408In response to analysing if we can help Drew Coverdale's Builder!
1397The sadness of someone dying and the joy of helping them out of pain!
13810Backward Leans! Is it a YES, I say NO
13711Nerve Damage!
13614Variations to OldPain2Go!
13540Difficult clients!
13418Finding the Story - a little test for you!
13312Shows, talks, demonstrations and events
13230We help people remove the reason for unnecessary pain and RESET the system
13128Some new learning. CRPS. Role of Parents and the survival system
13029Pre-appointment info, charging structure, and post appointment issues
12936NEW! The 4 Convincers of BrainBargaining
12836The difference between chasing a client to allow you to treat them and them coming to you
12720Finding and dealing with the cause is the ultimate - Here is how to delete what you cannot find (context free)
12617The focus for 2019 - Professionalism (coming from clarity)
12519Group work with OldPain2Go and the Dial Method of Pain Reduction/Removal
12431How Flexible is OldPain2Go?
1238Does it work on?
12213The 2 week trial process (when unconscious won't turn pain off)
12119Fear of falling and walking normally
12035The Softer Approach to Marketing and the Pain Review System
11934Simply letting go. Stop doing what causes the problem. Or let go of the belief that causes the problem
11851Simplicity is the key!
1175Negative words - can the unconscious understand!
11627OldPain2Go Change of emphasis and a whole new way of promoting ourselves
11526TREATMENT is a NO NO. What are the alternatives. A discussion
1143Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious, my definitions
11322Confidence, competence, and getting started with OldPain2Go
11211AB's (Awkward Buggers) Leave them alone!
11136Need and Want are not the same thing!
11056Ask Steven. Open event!
1096Primary Gain & Secondary Gain
10817Past lives and the Soul..... How do we allow for these things as a practitioner
10719Video Testimonials - adding to them!
10611Weight Loss and getting to the heart of the client issue!
10512Helping people overcome grief!
10431Lessons from Life
10312Letting Go - Only as difficult as you think it is!
10225Marketing and pricing, get the passion, look for the innovators
1017Live from Perth - Finding the Videos!
1002Live from Sydney
991A one minute metaphor on negative thinking
9813Keep it Simple!
9745Self belief and results
969How TO and what not to do!
9553Group Q and A
9426Struggling? Under-confident? Not getting the results?
9332Giving a talk about OldPain2Go?
921Subliminal OldPain2Go. Working on reluctant loved ones
9151Depression and fear of Control
8950Original Training The whole thing! From talking to a client to book them in - to completing the treatment
8831Dont Pay if it doesn't work The pitfalls
8718Don't feed the Monster - Tension = Energy
8614Group work with clients
8514Placebo and Nocebo explained - A must watch for all Practitioners
8430Answers to the Unanswered Questions From March 6th's Zoom Re-sit and Training
838Emotional Pain - Deal with it First?
8236Promoting yourself and what we do!
818Sciatic Pain
802Pain Killers - interfering with the process!
795Backward yeses! In answer to Mark's question
785Self Treatment & Fear of Pain coming Back
778OldPain2Go Certificate of Completion - So where does Practitioner come in?
7638When Pain Comes back. And why binds are a waste of time
7510Confused Chemical Messages
7421How do you know what to say when an issue is a new one to you?
7321Pre screening and induction forms
7228Convincing People & Sceptics Vs the belief it cannot work
7110The difference in turning off pain to an ultra marathon runner and a little old lady who wants to ride a horse!
706An interesting discovery. Relates to triggers for Fibromyalgia, but would apply to other issues
695When Does Pain Become Old Pain?
687Directing people to the web site!
6629Original Training 5 Types of Programming of your Unconscious. Includes Anxiety and Depression as well as Awesome!
6526Original Training BrainBargaining and the Blake Methodology - full version
6411The Blake Methodology and BrainBargaining - Overview
6323Original Training Fibromyalgia, C.F.S. and M.E.
627Original Training The Pacing System
619Original Training Trapped nerves, how to release them
6022Original Training Back Pain and AutoSomatics
5915Original Training The Dial Method of turning pain DOWN - or OFF
587Original Training Getting a NO
5710Original Training The YESES and what to do if it is a NO
5621Original Training Getting that first YES!
5530Original Training The PITSS triangle Theory. Why we drain Pain, Inflammation and Tension
5434Original Training The Stories, how to find them, how to deal with them
535Original Training The Structure of Pain, why people shouldn't have Old Pain!
5232Running a professional business. Re-learned Lessons from this week
519Tinnitus - A few thoughts for your consideration
5010Extracts from - Methodology very Important UPDATE
4921Methodology very Important UPDATE
4842New stuff: BrainBalancing, and Poke the spot. So much learning from exhibiting this weekend
4718The trouble with FREE
4634Empaths - being one or dealing with one as a client
4514Stored Emotions and Sleep issues
4415Rounds - what the hell.....
435Skype/Zoom Clients
4235Mindset - sharing an Aha moment
4135FREE - what's the catch?
4046BrainBargaining - The Foundations of the Blake Methodology
396Group Pain Removal
3815Testimonials - how to get them and who not to get them from
3712When is it Old Pain?
3626Complex cases
3519Non Movers - Difficulty getting a yes
3411Working on Yourself!
3334Promoting Yourself and the Brand
326Anxiety - a separate issue?
316Customer Video Testimonials
3011Eliciting the Story
2927Menopause - and also about charging!
2821The Dial Method update + tough love
2715What if NO YESSES?
2613Grief and loss
2516Client self talk interruption and control
248Arthritis removal made easy
2322Handling client enquiry or scepticism!
2210OldPain2Go Expansion
2127OldPain2Go Brand and Expansion
2054Emotional pain - Getting technology to work!
1922Comfort to Pain Protocol - use with trapped nerves and for Fibro clients + millions of other things
1817The Unconscious Hears Everything
178Pre Consultations
1616Finding the story
155Rhinitis and Hay fever
146Videos for public consumption!
1313Trapped nerves
1222Leukaemia and other stuff
114The Pain Sequence
105Imposing the Conscious will on the Unconscious
818When the pain came back + Sell the Horse!
714Understanding Hay Fever and so much more!
65When a client won't listen
58Big Picture Stuff and level of Detail
415Todays thoughts - Does it work for .......?
320Thought for the day - Sceptics (how to deal with them)
27Back into the room - the Protocol
136The Pacing System +

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