When you wish to pay an instalment each month and have training when it is fully paid, we offer 2 options for paying for the £399 course of your choice.

A small fee is charged to cover the administration. 

Option 1, You pay £205 GBP Immediately and another £205 the following month - making a total of  £410 inc additional admin fee.

Option 2, You pay £138 GBP Immediately and £138 each month for the following 2 months - making a total of  £414 inc additional admin fee.

Once fully paid you can choose the course that is convenient to you costed at £399. 

Please note - refunds of money paid under an instalment plan is at the discretion of our management and will deduct any charges incurred by us from Stripe as well as an administrative fee. Refunds are not given after training materials have been sent to you, or access given.

Option 1,

Two Advance Instalments of £205

Total = £410

Option 2,

Three Advance Instalments of £138

Total = £414

We can only help people when they feel ready and we don't chase you. So whilst you want to know more, check out who is local to you, to discuss your particular pain issue.