Special Offer - free of charge!

  • Entry onto the OldPain2Go® Worldwide Current Practitioners Map.
  • If You DO NOT want a precise marker on the Map you can make it for the approximate area. 
  • You cannot be listed without a point on the map, no-one would find your details.
  • It is a map that can search for "Pain2Go" Practitioners or "Fat2Go" Practitioners, just by having the markers rather than have a second map.

If you want to go ahead with your entry on the Practitioners Map we need the form at the base of this page filling in:
On the form you will need the Google code that accurately pinpoints your location, or chose a spot nearby if you don't want it accurate (we MUST have these co-ordinates - see instructions below for how to find it and copy and paste it into the form).

This is a chance for a potential client to contact to have a treatment, not a "read more" exercise. We will write annually to check your contact details are up to date, if you do not reply we will remove your free advert. By completing this you are agreeing to our having these details and that you wish to publicly display them.

Remember - the whole purpose of the map is to get a potential client to CONTACT You.

Instructions of how to find, copy and paste Google coordinates into your form

Ethical Agreement Download

(for if you cannot find yours)

A signed copy gives you the permission to use the brand subject to the conditions you agree to.

How to apply:

Very carefully complete this form, double check your details, and press "Send Message"

Note as per Trudy photo example: on display is photo, full name, Business name if different, email and phone number. This keeps it clean and clear for clarity of how the client can contact you. Address is not shown, just a marker pointing to it. Update: due to the lengths of some Email addresses we have changed to having an email link instead. This helps overcome display issues on mobiles and also opens the customers email application for them instead of having to copy or re-type it.

You will be added to the Map within a few working days - as soon as we get chance, after we receive the email.

This is what your marker will look like. If you want a photo on it, and I highly suggest you do, please send a good quality photo, head and shoulders at least 200 pixels square, or a larger one we can trim to just being head and shoulders. Photos to trudy@oldpain2go.com if from a business address please ensure your name is in the email.

Please have a good look around, satisfy your curiosity and then take action. We don't chase you, so make contact with the right person and get the ball rolling!