I have been a member of MMHA for some years. Mike and Chris have been wonderful to me, and are great guys. The academy is a wonderful place of learning and friendship. I often hang out in the MMHA group and visit the practice rooms for a chat. Many of you have expressed an interest in OldPain2Go® training and several attempts were made to coordinate enough people in any time zone for a date and time, but never sufficient people on any one date, thanks for those who tried. 

So, I arranged one date for EST time and it was well attended so I will continue to post dates to suit some MMHA members in nearby time zones to Toronto, and also a £50 discount should you wish to train in OldPain2Go®. It will go ahead whatever the numbers, so you can book with confidence, please book ASAP to secure a place. Please feel free to share this page link.

The payment link will be removed 2 days before the event - OR - before, once all places are taken.

4th February 2024 (Sunday)

Zoom - £399 £349 GBP

9am Start - EST Time Zone

18th Feb 2024 (Sunday)

Zoom - £399 £349 GBP

9am Start - GMT Time Zone (UK)

I look forward to meeting you, Steven.

Please have a good look around, satisfy your curiosity and then take action. We don't chase you, so make contact with the right person and get the ball rolling!