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See OldPain2Go in Action

This is a video taken in 2016 the early days of teaching OldPain2Go, whilst I was teaching a group of new practitioners®. The Methodology has developed greatly since then. Joanne was the volunteer for me to demonstrate to the group. I had no prior contact with her, but knew from her friend, one of the trainees, that it was arthritis. This demonstration cannot show a typical session because they are all different, this one demonstrates something of medium complexity and a treatment can take from only a few minutes or over an hour. It does however show that it is a relaxed and easy session that you can look forward to.

Practitioners cannot know in advance how long it will take as everything in the session is flexible and tailored around the client. As I am demonstrating to several students I am also explaining what I am doing. Clients at training events are all volunteers and are not charged for the treatment – all we ask is that they come prepared to go home pain free and that they give us feedback at a later date. Following this demonstration and a further 4 hours training the students went on to work on all the other volunteers and all 7 Volunteers left grinning and totally pain free.

Follow up Testimonial from Joanne who has severe Arthritis in both hands, wrists and fingers. I did also ask her swelling to reduce and it did so, to the point her rings kept falling off.

“After visiting Steven my level of pain and swelling has greatly reduced. On a bad day the fingers could lock and the pain would be at a eight, other days every time I used my fingers and hands in general the pain could again be a eight, I have not had any flare ups since my visit some months ago and I have been most of the time pain free, I do get pain but it has been a two or three but not all the time only now and then, so my experience with Steven was very worth while and will not hesitate to see him again. And this comes from someone who was very sceptical about going.”


Please ensure you only use a certified OldPain2Go® practitioner or trainer.

The video below is a light hearted prod for those who see a video of OldPain2Go® and think they therefore know how to do it. lol

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