OldPain2Go Practitioners who have completed training with Steven Blake or Martin Rothery – no others are authorised to use the OldPain2Go brand

Only the ones with contact details are available for direct contact from this site.

Practitioner Located Contact
Alan Johnson North Allerton  
Andrew Hayhurst  Northampton Phone:  07749 167 647    Email:
Anne Marie Stagg  Beverley, East Yorkshire  Phone: 07910 407 878
Anne Winslow Grimsby/Cleethorpes/Lincs  Phone: 07757 263 026    Email:  Facebook
Andrea Wright East Midlands  
Andy Coley  SE London  Phone: 07595 916 617    Email:
Barry Neale  Hornchurch  Phone: 01708 438 800    Email:
Becky Willoughby  Dawlish Devon  Phone: 07727 149 939  Facebook
Bryan Davis  Solihull and South Birmingham  Phone: 07773 348 819     Email:
Bryan Gill  Shropshire, West Midlands, Cheshire and Merseyside  Phone: 07906 507 178 Email:
Carol Price  Derbyshire, Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton coldfield & North West Leicestershire  Phone: 07713 133 625    Email :
Daniel McDermid    
Danny Greeves    
David Ashley    
David Emmerson    
Dena Hawkins    
Dr David Bowler Canada  
Dr David Murphy Ontario Facebook
Emma Armes Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Phone: 07415 535 445    Facebook
George Guarino Albany, New York, USA Phone: 518-256-6549
Hugh M Quigley Ireland Phone: 07925 441 901    Email:
Ian Rushby    
Jackie Fraser  East Lothian  Phone: 07903 808 559   Email:
Jackie Johnson North Allerton  
Jacqualine Grant  Aberdeenshire  Phone: 07739 254 806    Email:
Jacqueline Seddon  Nottingham, Derby, Grantham   Phone: 01159 222 472
Jak Broadway Hertfordshire Phone: 07534 374 203    Email:
Jay Arnott    
Jeanne Lacy Louth  Phone: 07917 820 034
Jessica Paton   Life Coach Directory
Jim Gillespie    
Julie Smith    
Joanne Mallinson    
Karen Ferris Woodbridge and Felixstowe Phone: 01394 285 332 and 07736 929 477    Email:
Karen Roberts Chesterfield  Phone: 07707 272 075    Email:
Kathryn Edwards East Midlands  
Kaye Beebe    
Kerry Rycroft    
Linda Krohne Netherlands  
Lisa Back    
Liz Stone East Midlands  
Lyn Gregory East Midlands  Email: Phone: 0774 373 6647
Lynsay Mountain    
Marc Johnson    
Maria Chappell  North Lincs/South Yorks  Phone: 07971 463 324      Email:
Marilyn Brady  West Oxfordshire  Text : 07983 390 904     Email:
Martin Rothery  Chesterfield  Facebook
Mary Spinks    
Marva Tucker    
Michael Pullman    
Mike Walton    
Natalie Hegarty  Lincoln  Phone: 07803 326 386/07547 060 701    Email:
Natalie Knight    
Natasha Saddington Melbourne, Australia Phone: 0411 305 995    Email:
Paul Blake  Lincoln  
Paul Gibson    
Paul Reynolds  Nottingham  
Peter Dennis    
Rebekah Eve    
Rebecca Hutchings  Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset  Phone: 01934 251 013     Mobile: 07858 360 145
Sandra Thompson    
Simon Patrick Jones Northumberland  
Stephanie Forgeat    
Steven Blake Ruskington Phone: 01526 832 563     Text: 07971 607 477    Email:
Steve Johnson  Boston  07984 676 623
Sue Cunningham Lincoln Phone: 07813 061 041     Email:
Sue Peacock    
Susan Freeman    
Trudy Randall Ruskington Phone: 01526 832 563     Text: 07971 607 477 Email:
William E. Fournier  

This is a method that can be used over Skype so location is not an issue.

(Please note I (Steven Blake) accept no responsibility for the the work of these individuals nor do I have any way of assessing their abilities, only you can do that.)

OldPain2Go has been effective in helping people with:

Arthritis, Back/shoulder/hip/knee Pain, Crumbling Spine, Fibromyalgia, Scars, Post Thrombotic Syndrome, Brain Tumour and all types of Old injuries. It can also be used to turn off or down Emotional Pain. The list of it’s application is almost endless, so please make an enquiry to find out if it could work for you. It costs nothing to find out, so all you have to lose is your pain!

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