Qualify this Month and be able to help others straight away.


OldPain2Go® is a simple technique. It works on the principle of Chronic Pain being an old message that no longer serves a purpose. A doctor has diagnosed the problem and nothing more can be done than take pain medication, or manage the pain. Part of the brain decides to run pain and at what level it is the most suitable. As an OldPain2Go® Practitioner you will learn how to talk with a person and offer ideas that will affect the choices of the pain making aspect of the brain. This can lead to them reducing the pain dramatically, or no longer running the pain message and the old pain message goes completely. It does not numb the area and leaves it available to signal new pain as soon as it is needed. This is a natural process done by the client with your help, it is therefore perfectly safe. The same part of them that decided to give the pain is the same part that decides if a changed level or removal is a safer option.

Online over Zoom

You can train with me online, and when trained can work with clients online. This makes it an ideal thing to learn during the current circumstances and a skill that can be used more hands on when things return to normal. So you can train from anywhere in the world and work with clients anywhere in the world - using modern technology such as Zoom or Skype. 


Training takes a day and you will learn everything you need to help guide people to become free of their old, persistent pain messages.

When you are working with a client, a typical charge for a client session is around £120, and a non-complex issue would be dealt with in about an hour. 

For training with me, at the same time as others, I charge £399. I will run a least one training event a month and make it suitable for the time zone of the participants.

Return on investment could sensibly be from 4 client sessions. Typically, one session of one hour, is enough to resolve the issue for most clients. This gives you chance to earn back your investment in just a day of seeing clients.

To Qualify

You need the confidence and ability to find clients and work with them. You do not have to be a therapist already, although that would add to your skills from the start. OldPain2Go® is simple to learn and use, and your skill will develop with each person you work with. If you are already a therapist, this training will add to your existing skills and enhance them. If you currently work only hands on, this will give you the chance to carry on helping your existing clients and also add new ones. If you already deal with emotional pain, such as anxiety, this training will map across to the other work you do and make you more efficient and effective.

Need more convincing?

Please see the links at the bottom of this page to the information that you might want to see first. After which you can still call me and have a chat, and I will answer anything you want (see contact details at the foot of the page). We can even arrange a Zoom call.

Purchase Now and be trained within a month

As soon as you pay for your training we will receive a notification and will get back to you as quickly as possible to arrange a date and time. Please ensure that your email address is correct when purchasing.

A few Places left on the organised event for 

21st February 2021 (Sunday) - Zoom - £399 GBP

9am Start - UK GMT Time Zone

If you cannot make that date please book here and invest £399 to learn OldPain2Go® at the next possible event.

After Training

Your training includes a 36 page manual and a video of a full treatment carried out by Steven. After training you will have access to our closed Facebook group where you can get help and support or tell others of your challenges and successes. You will also get access to the free post-training support materials: The whole of the training on 14 videos and 2 updates, videos of full client sessions, plus nearly 200 videos covering a range of topics from sales and marketing, different client issues, and any new ideas or thoughts of how to help clients and yourselves. We also have logos and marketing materials you can download and use (subject to our Ethical Agreement for brand use).