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Karen Ferris

Training Dates and Prices

Current Dates for Training are as follows:

25th February, Sunday, Woodbridge, Suffolk – Sold Out
8th April, Sunday, Woodbridge, Suffolk
£199 per delegate for Training/Workshop as a Group delegate
£299 per delegate via Skype or £240 per delegate if a ‘Group Skype’ of 2 +
I am also  offering Face2Face 1-2-1 at £299 per delegate at Woodbridge, Suffolk, discounted price of £240 per delegate for 2+
Flexible dates, weekdays and weekends…call me on 07736929477 to discuss.


I also offer 1-2-1 training over Skype to suit you and hosted group training upon request.  Please contact me on 07736929477 for more information.


OldPain2Go® Training

Why should you train in this very effective method?

OldPain2Go® is a deceptively simple but very effective therapy for dealing with ‘Old Pain’, both physical and emotional.

To qualify as a Practitioner in this fairly new, but proven to be effective therapy, it is not essential to have any other therapy background, as it is a standalone technique, but of course a background in another form of therapy would be beneficial.

The most important element that you as a Practitioner can bring to this therapy is ‘intention’, the desire to rid your client of ongoing chronic pain, combined with your Clients ‘intention’ to be Pain free.

Which I am sure is what has brought you to this website and to my page.

The methodology is unique to Steven Blake the Inventor and Founder of OldPain2Go® who has spent many years developing the actual technique used, with hundreds of ‘Pain free’ clients as evidence of its effectiveness, and although it does contain some small elements of some other techniques you may be familiar with, it does have a unique blend of protocols that take away all the padding, keeping the process simple and uncomplicated with no trance state required.

The possibilities you can use OldPain2Go® for appear to be unlimited, with each new group I train, with each registered Practitioner using OldPain2Go® finding new issues that it works successfully with.

As your trainer I will encourage and support you to work within the guidelines but also to work intuitively, using your own skill set and personality to make it uniquely you.

To assist you I offer online mentoring as part of the training package as I know how daunting it can be to come away from training with a qualification and a certificate…but lacking in experience in this new skill. Therefore helping to build your confidence is an essential part of what I can and want to do for you.

I don’t just want to train you. I want you to be a successful Practitioner in OldPain2Go®

I am passionate about using OldPain2Go®, and I want you to feel the same way.

As a registered Practitioner you will also have access to a closed group on Face Book where we share the learning and help each other. The group is supportive, experienced and friendly

BrainBargaining™ is the concept behind OldPain2Go®

It is the principle of the conscious and the unconscious/subconscious working together with the practitioner acting as the negotiator/translator…the Facilitator. Trance is not needed but often occurs, and re-entry to that state is instant, literally in the closing of the eyes. This concept/methodology may radically change how you currently work with clients. It certainly produces fast, safe, effective and lasting results. Clients that have not had successes with any other method often make very swift and fully pain free transitions to a far better life.

OldPain2Go® Training is just one day whatever your background/ or experience . Hypnotherapists, NLP Master Practitioners and people from many other modalities love it.

The OldPain2Go® Training concentrates on Physical pain, it will be your knowledge and experience that enables you to seamlessly translate it across to emotional pain – where it works just as effectively.

Training will cover how to help someone with ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia, not only become pain free but also start him or her on the road to recovery. These illnesses do have pain that is currently thought by their unconscious to be necessary, so the protocol includes how to change that and release them.

All authorised OldPain2Go® practitioners get these benefits:

#1 Membership of the Face book closed group where we share experiences, ask and answer questions, and discuss our results.

#2 One years FREE Directory entry on the OldPain2Go® website so clients can find you, includes link to your web site, face book page, phone, email and location.

#3 Use of the OldPain2Go® brand, without which it is a difficult concept to communicate as an individual (permission subject to terms).

#4 One Years FREE updates as and when they are created.

# 5 Access to videos and other materials as they are produced.

And as your trainer, my continued support.

The training may be just 1 day, but the support is ongoing

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