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Would you like to train in this simple but very effective method?

You do not need to have other therapy qualifications as this is a stand alone technique. It is unique to Steven Blake and although it does contain some small elements of some techniques you may be familiar with, it does have a unique blend of protocols that take away all the padding and enable it work as the core for very effectively assisting healing and balance. The possibilities you can use it for seem unlimited, and each group I train asks the right questions to seek out new opportunities for its use. Trainees also have access to a closed group where we share the learning and help each other.

BrainBargaining™ is the concept behind it, also something I created. It is the principle of conscious and unconscious working together with the practitioner acting as the negotiator/translator. Trance is not needed but often occurs, and re-entry to that state is instant, literally in the closing of they eyes. This concept/methodology may radically change how you currently work with clients. It certainly produces fast, safe, effective and lasting results. Clients that have not had successes with any other method often make very swift and fully pain free transitions to a far better life. Training is just one day whatever your background experience – or lack of. Hypnotherapists, NLP Master Practitioners and people from many other modalities love it. Training concentrates on Physical pain, it will be your knowledge and experience that enables you to seamlessly translate it across to emotional pain – where it works just as effectively.

Training will cover how to help someone with ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia, not only become pain free but also start them on the road to recovery. These illnesses do have pain that is currently thought by their unconscious to be necessary, so the protocol includes how to change that and release them.

Training is currently available only through the people shown on the Trainers page (some events are hosted by others but use one of us official trainers to do the training). All trainers have demonstrated their dedication to helping clients, achieved great results and have the teaching ability, which is why I selected them to be qualified OldPain2Go® Trainers and Master Practitioners.

All authorised OldPain2Go® Practitioners get access to these benefits (subject to terms and agreements):

#1 Membership of the Facebook closed group where we share experiences, ask and answer questions, and discuss our results.

#2 One years FREE Directory entry on this website so clients can find you, includes link to your web site, facebook page, phone, email and location.

#3 Use of the OldPain2Go® brand, without which it is a difficult concept to communicate as an individual (permission subject to terms).

#4 One Years FREE updates as and when they are created.

# 5 Access to videos and other materials as they are produced.

#6 The future potential to become a Trainer of OldPain2Go®. Selection is based on experience of the OldPain2Go® method and ability to teach. You will earn that privilege, not pay for it. Numbers of trainers will be limited and becoming a trainer cannot be guaranteed however well you meet the criteria.

#7 Master Practitioner is not through a training course, it is awarded to those who meet the aims of the OldPain2Go® brand: customer care and respect, plus lots of experience helping people out of suffering.

Personal note: I personally have bought many training courses or materials that have disappointed me because of the high content of what I already know. OldPain2Go® training does not pad out the content, you will not be subjected to going over loads of what you already know. What you will learn will enable you to work straight away on simple old pain removal and build up to more complex cases as you develop and become more experienced. Easy pain removal for OldPain2Go® practitioners are things like arthritis, pain from old injuries and back problems – so that’s a large customer base from day one. Your clients will usually only need one treatment so the prices you charge can be proportionally higher than others charge for modalities where repeat visits need to be booked. You will therefore need to promote yourself, but can have a more targeted approach and have the OldPain2Go® brand that will give you some status straight away. As an OldPain2Go® Practitioner you will benefit greatly from belonging to our Practitioner only Facebook group. We share our joys and experiences as well as asking for and receiving help. I regularly share my latest thoughts on there, plus videos and other examples of my experience for you all to have further learning from. It is very much like a loving family. I look forward to you joining us, taking people out of suffering and making the World a better place one person at a time! Regards, Steven


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Best wishes, Steven


P.S. Do NOT use anyone who is not a current up to date OldPain2Go® authorised Trainer – this method is not as simple as it looks, it is based on concepts that are unique and not evident from the videos.

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