Price list – Trudy Randall – OldPain2Go® & BrainBargaining™
Physical Pain Review Sessions.

Please note these prices are not based on session time, they are based on getting the optimal outcome for you. That is the result of much time, effort, research, practice and creativeness, all of which came from a great amount of time and monetary outlay. As a practitioner I operate as a go between for your two states of mind, conscious and unconscious. The results relate to your determination, and translating that across to the unconscious aspect of your mind that controls your health. It is YOU working on YOU, with my help. I can only do all in my power to help. Results cannot be guaranteed as your Unconscious will choose the safest option. You must have been medically assessed and either told there is nothing more can be done, nothing can be found, or told you can take pain relief medication (or are being prescribed it).

These are Private sessions, we are not funded or subsidised by the NHS, or any other body – Only by paying clients.
Always check with Trudy to set set up an appointment before paying. 07732 123 480 (UK)
Sessions are in person at the Lincoln Consultation Room or over Zoom anywhere in the world.

NEW* OldFat2Go® Support Sessions - Various Options - Call to Discuss

One to one or group sessions currently only over Zoom, but live when conditions allow.

Pain Reduction/Removal Session – £120:

A specific Old Physical Pain investigation and Reduction or Removal (uncomplicated)  – up to one and a half hours duration. 

Totally FREE Service – Volunteers Required – (Physical Pain Only):

We regularly train people in OldPain2Go and each trainee needs a volunteer to work on at the end of their training. This takes place under our supervision. There is a waiting list for this that you may apply to join. The trainees will work on silver service level pains for free. Within each training session one volunteer will be personally worked on by Steven, this may be a Silver, Gold, or Platinum service for FREE (Physical Pain Only).
These FREE places are at Training Events at Lincoln in Lincolnshire and at some London and Hosted Events they are NOT available by Zoom/Skype.

Please have a good look around, satisfy your curiosity and then take action. We don't chase you, so make contact with the right person and get the ball rolling!