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Coming soon. OldFat2Go a Revolutionary way to help program yourself to remove excess Fat and keep it off. The lessons are designed to help you understand and reprogram yourself to automatically do whatever is needed to help you remove the fat and regain your health.

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Introduction to OldFat2Go

Not a diet! A revolutionary way of naturally getting to the size that is best for you and that you can maintain without continuous massive conscious effort. 

The Concept of OldFat2Go

OldFat2Go is based on Steven's expertise in talking directly to the unconscious mind without needing a trance. He orignally created OldPain2Go, a method of asking the body to stop sending out unneccesary pain messages, which is used by over a thousand Practitioners Worldwide and includes Doctors, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Hypnotherapist and Multi disciplinary therapist including Bowen Practitioners. The support you will get will come from someone who originally trained in OldPain2Go as they have a firm grasp of the concept of BrainBargaining, which is at the heart of all Stevens work.

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The 5 Bodies Theory

Steven developed this theory to explain why diets only usually work as a temporary fix. The true answer lies in the way we think.

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The Fat Controller

We discuss here the reasons for fat storage. It goes way beyond just calories in being more than calories used.

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Aiming for Gold

Haver you ever wondered why we self-sabotage? Steven explains.

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Can’t Weight to Balance

Most of us Y0-Yo diet. Steven explains why, and how we can get ourselves back into balance.

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Genes make you fat, or Jeans make you look fat?

The latest thinking and science shows that our genetic programing is simply a tendency towards our originating programs (from both parents). But nothing is fixed and we can make changes that alter the structure of our DNA.

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Water Difference

Our fluid intake has a great influence on our weight. Steven explains why drinking less than is needed is likely to hold onto unnecessary fat.

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Mind De-Clutter

From Steven's experiences of helping many people it was rare to find that their wasn't an emotional issue behind storing excess fat. Steven explains why and what you can do to de-clutter that emotional baggage.

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Learning from people who stay thin

Steven regularly asked people who are thin was this naturally how they are, or did they have to work at it. The answers were quite eye opening.

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What’s the Story?

It could be just that you take in more calories than you use up, but is that the "real" reason.

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Plan to Suck Seed

Planning is the key to consistency. Steven explains how you can plan to become the size you want and stay there.

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Assertiveness – the deciding factor!

You may have noticed that you get more offers of "treats" when you say you are on a diet. Steven explains how and why other people will take you away from your goals, and how to stop it happening.

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Waste or Waist?

Most of us are programmed to clear our plate. Steven explains how we can overcome these old programs that trap us in sending fat to our waist instead of our waste bin.

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Food – It’s only fuel!

We are driven by our survival system to do things that make us survive. We naturally go towards things that are necessities to live and are repelled by things that do us harm. Modern methods of food production often confuse us which is which.

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Junk Food – designed to make you hungry!

Quantity is not what turns the hunger off. Steven explains why Junk food is a vicous cirle of consumption.

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What now?

This program of lessons is designed to reach your unconscious with lots of information and ideas to overcome any current misconceptions that kept you locked into the cycle of eating the wrong things at the wrong time and in the wrong quantities. Steven explain where you go from here!

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Eat slower and feel satisfied

The speed we eat at is a major factor in overeating. Steven explains why and how to eat to get results.

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Greedy or needy?

Eating more than you should in one sitting is rarely about food! Steven explains what we can do instead to satisfy ourselves.

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Self Image

What we think about how we look is rarely shared by others! We tend to be very self critical.

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