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OldPain2Go® Online is for those already trained in OldPain2Go to refresh and hone their skills with a complete set of training videos + written materials and updates as and when they are released.

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Course Structure

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How it started and what it is about!

The Fire Alarm Analogy for Physical & Emotional Pain

How a Fire Alarm is a great analogy for how a pain message works.

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Training Manual Download

Download for the Manual that is laid out the same as this course! Plus other downloads.

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In 2011 Steven had pain removed from a 40 year back problem. He explains how the development progressed from there.

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Health & Safety and Duty of Care

Client focus and safety is paramount.

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Physical Pain Removal

This training concentrates on physical pain but can be used on emotional pain by those who already have training and skills in that area.

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Client Therapist Relationship

The client always arrives in problem mode, we have to help them to solution mode - quickly.

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6 Lessons

Main Elements of OldPain2Go® Process & the Blake Methodology

The basics of working with a client!

5 Main Elements of OldPain2Go® Process & the Blake Methodology

The structure of the Methodology and Technique.

Client Intent

The client's intent is pivotal to reaching the outcome.

Our Intent

Steven explains why "let's see." is the best attitude.

Complexity of Issue

Yes, we can deal with more than one thing at once. Steven explains...

Session or Sessions?

Typically only one session is needed, but you can run your business to suit you, your clients and the area.

Understanding and Overcoming Resistance

OldPain2Go® does not require trance and therefore the client does not have the resistance some people have about control being taken from them. 

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1 Lesson


Changing the Mind Over Pain!

The Concept of BrainBargaining

BrainBargaining is Steven's observation of how all therapy works and is at the heart of OldPain2Go®.

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3 Lessons

The OldPain2Go® Procedure

All of this will be explained in detail later. I just want you to understand the overall structure first.

Brief Summary of Procedure

This is an overview of the whole procedure so that you understand the elements before we explain each one in detail.

Demonstration – Client who has had Fibromyalgia for 30 Years.

We have permission from the client only for showing this video for OldPain2Go® training purposes. Do NOT share with others. Thank you.

Transcript of Demonstration Video

A chance to read and study the whole of the demonstration session.

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4 Lessons

Simply Understanding the Mind

This is Steven's simplistic view and understanding of how the mind works.

Simply Understanding the Mind

Steven explains the simplicity of the connection between the conscious and the unconscious aspects of the mind.

5 Aspects of Programming your Unconscious

We all have programs that run automatically and many were installed before we were 6 years old!

The 5 Aspects Explained

The 5 aspects of programming in more depth.

Placebo and Nocebo Effects

Our results come from both effects!

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4 Lessons

The Structure of Pain. Why people shouldn't have Old Pain!

Pain starts as a warning signal and should go away when it no longer has a purpose!

Pain Structure

Pain follows a structure that shows it really isn't only about reporting cell damage!

Considerations Include:

Some ideas of what to look for!

Pain is a Message made from a Complex Calculation

Steven gives many examples of why pain is relevant to the individual and circumstances!

Pain Review System

We are in constant readiness for pain!

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5 Lessons

PITSS Theory© = Pain, Inflammation, Tension & The 2 Stories

Why we need to deal with Pain, Inflammation and Tension.

The PIT Triangle – Draining Pain, Inflammation and Tension

The PIT triangle and why the 3 elements come together!

The 2 Stories, how to find them, how to deal with them.

For long-lasting results we need to deal with the stories.

Examples of True Stories that Led to a Result

37 different examples of stories for you to study!

Good questions for flushing out the Story

If the story isn't apparent here are 2 questions that can help you find it!

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2 Lessons

Using - BrainBargaining and the Blake Methodology

The practicalities of the Methodology.

The 5 BrainBargaining Convincers to make a change

How could the unconscious resist 5 really good bits of reasoning to let the pain go!

Using The 5 BrainBargaining Convincers

A simple discussion concluding all the things that may help make the change.

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3 Lessons

Removing an Emotional Attachment (where necessary)

You may already have knowledge and experience of dealing with the removal of emotional attachments. Even if you don't here are some simple ways of overcoming the issue.

A Simple method of emotional pain reduction

Only do this if the rest of the process wouldn't work without it.


AutoREM is Steven’s Eye Movement Technique for removal or reductions of high emotions. 

AutoREM Script

The script.

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3 Lessons

Trapped Nerve

Sharp pain brought on by movement can be eliminated by this simple change to the thought process.

Trapped Nerve Explanation

Sharp pain from a small amount of movement is often attributed to a trapped nerve. So how can we help?

Trapped Nerve Script

Usually done after the draining of PIT, if the problem becomes apparent or still remains.

The Pacing System

We all have a pacing system taking care of our lives.

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2 Lessons


AutoSomatics is a combination of the use of exercises to unlock tight muscles and the ability of the unconscious to control the process.

AutoSomatics Back Pain, Tight Muscles and Somatics

This is part of the seated technique and is covered in the main Script.

Bonus – Trudy’s Description of Somatics

Trudy put this together for your added information about Somatics.

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3 Lessons

Making Direct Contact with the Unconscious

A "Trance" state is not needed for this work. Contact with the unconscious is direct and a signal is set up for the unconscious to respond when asked.

That 1st YES – Checking in with the Unconscious

This first Yes is so important to get right.

The Process of Getting a Yes

A detailed explanation.

The 3 Yeses

After the first Yes the next two are relatively simple!

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3 Lessons

Getting a NO

What to do when the unconscious doesn't want to give a yes.

Getting a NO

When we get the opposite of a Yes!

The Dial Method of turning pain DOWN or OFF

Only when the option isn't available for the pain fully-going.

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2 Lessons

OldPain2Go® Script

The technique script!

Client’s with Zero Pain on the Treatment Day

If they arrive without pain and leave without pain we need something to convince them a change has taken place!

The Script

Carefully put together to cover everything whilst being minimal in what you have to say.

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5 Lessons

End of Session

The final tweaks.

Completion of Treatment

Ensuring everything is done!

“Off You Go Now” Technique

A simple, effective and often funny way to remove the last remnants!

Conclusion of Session

Before they leave!

End of Session Feedback

Example of Client Feedback Form.

Lasting Affect?

The answer to "will it last."

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1 Lesson

Working With Groups

For demonstrations.

Group Work

Just a few differences!

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12 Lessons

Other Things!

I am often asked "Does this work for .........?" and my usual answer is "let's see." This is not about the capability of a technique or methodology, our only restriction is what the unconscious is capable of. I can tell you that it has great capabilities beyond whatever we can think of. Put your trust in the unconscious!

Anxiety/Depression – Trained Therapists

Physical and Emotion Pain use the same neural pathways!

Allergies, including Hay Fever, Rashes, IBS, Itching, etc.

Usually an over-reaction to a stimulus!

Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss etc.

A simple mapping across of the Methodology.

Clients with Serious or Multiple Illnesses

Obviously only deal with this following diagnosis by a doctor and that they are under the doctor's supervision for those illnesses.

Hot Flush Script

A script that works well for removing hot flushes/flashes.


Not really what OldPain2Go® was designed for.....

The Role of Lack of Assertiveness

An issue for many people who need to see a therapist!

Confusion – How to Get Around It!

Confusion isn't as urgent as it feels!

The “Nothing I try works” client

We all of client who seem to want an outcome but do their best not to get one!

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5 Lessons

Fibromyalgia, C.F.S. and M.E. – Burnout Overload Safety System (B.O.S.S.)

This is worthy of a section on its own because the pain and fatigue are still a valuable protective state - until we can convince the client otherwise!

BOSS - Steven's Theory

In 2011 Steven had his first client with M.E. and was able to help them by formulating a mixture of his knowledge and person experience along with much research. This page is directly copied from the client information page https://oldpain2go.com/meandfm.

BOSS Clients

The Protocol.

BOSS Treatment

Working with a client with one of these illnesses has one major difference to any other client.

BOSS – Aftercare

Particular care initially.

BOSS – ONLY If you DO NOT get a YES or you get a firm NO

Rarely, we don't get agreement to remove the issue!

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4 Lessons

After Training

The support doesn't stop!

Immediately After Training

The help and support that follows on from the training.

Future – If you are interested in becoming a Trainer

Trainers are selected for their qualities and ability.

Master Practitioner

Master Practitioners will be awarded that, for their ability and support of other Practitioners.


Thank you for undertaking this training to help others.  You will not make a difference by knowing this technique, ONLY by using it.  You don’t need to perfect your technique before helping clients, you only get good by practicing and the more you practice, the more flexible you can be, the more you can help.  Enjoy yourself whilst learning.

With Love and Respect, Steven & Trudy 

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1 Lesson

Ethical Agreement - OldPain2Go®

This is how you can have the permission to use the brand.

Ethical Agreement

This is all about the Branding and how you have permission to use it.

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2 Lessons


Whilst the training of what and how we do this has barely changed - the emphasis has changed enough that I felt an update/resit necessary. 3 Zoom events were given so that all Practitioners who wished to attend could - for free. These videos were taken from the 3rd event and I make them available for you to see, until I can revisit any of the previous videos and update them, at which point I will withdraw these.

Update/Resit video 1

Part 1

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(use with capitals and lower case as shown)

Update/Resit Part 2

Part 2

Password: CopyrightStevenBlake

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