February 16

Course Contents

By Steven

February 16, 2018

So what do you learn?

OldPain2Go® is a whole different, fresh, new outlook on how to work with a client and help them change their thought processes. It speeds up the process, simplifies it, reduces client resistance and gets results by working with them, not on them.

Featuring: BrainBargainingTM, AutoREMTM, AutoSomaticsTM, and The Blake MethodologyTM unique ways of helping Clients help themselves, that can also be used for anything you already help clients with:

1. Non-medical intervention, helping the client access their own self-healing
2. How to work with the unconscious – without requiring any trance.
3. The concept of BrainBargainingTM, how to win over the unconscious with logic.
4. Why the safety system should have a reset button.
5. Detective work made simple, finding and dealing with the stories that trap them in pain.
6. How Pain can go in an instant.
7. Draining away Pain, Tension and Inflammation.
8. A method to help the client release trapped nerves.
9. Helping a client who has lifelong Back Pain issues, using AutoSomaticsTM
10. Helping a client who has Allergies.


In 2011 Steven became pain-free from a 40 year back problem, using an NLP technique called “N Step” (previously called the 6 step reframe). The leaning yeses are from that technique – they are not Steven’s. Even though it worked, he recognised fundamental flaws and an unnecessary complexity with the technique, so he studied HOW it worked, in order to design a different way of getting a consistent result. Most of this technique is developed from Steven’s logical reasoning, NLP and hypnotherapy studies and 12 years experience of using, changing, adapting, and the personal training of over 900 people with their feedback during and after training.  Steven’s Methodology of BrainBargainingTM comes from Steven helping people with anxiety breakthrough sessions since 2011. The combination of all this and Steven’s constant learning and striving for the best results for all Practitioners, makes OldPain2Go®, arguably, the most effective and simple self pain-removal system available. Ongoing back up and support is world class.

Continual Revision & Improvement

Providing that Trainees keep to the Ethical Agreement of using the OldPain2Go® Brand they can look forward to FREE regular updates of the latest modifications, updates and added learning that is used in the most recent training. Steven provides world class help and support through the Facebook group and regularly makes Facebook live videos in response to queries (currently 284 videos covering over 100 hours worth of support). These videos cover a vast range of topics including sales and marketing as well as technique and theoretical queries and Steven will often work with a trainee to resolve their own issue, and with permission supply it to the group as a demonstration of an unusual issue that can be resolved. Once trained there is access to videos that cover the whole of the training from 4 different dates, that you can access whenever you want. In 2017 Steven personally retrained over 120 Practitioners Free of charge, so that they would be up to date with the advances that had been made since they trained, the same was offered again to current Practitioners in 2019 and 3 Zoom sessions were provided.

There Is Nothing New in the World!

Is that heading really true? Beethoven produced entirely different work to the Beatles, and yet they used exactly the same 12 notes that all musicians have to work with. It is the combination, the essence, the introduction of that persons energy, vitality, knowledge, experience, passion and beliefs that shape what they produce. And yes those who have gone before do pave the way for new thinking. They even influence people who are unaware of their work (I had never heard of Dr John Sarno).

I post the course contents so you can decide how much of what I will share with you will be beneficial for you, and you can decide whether it is new to you or not and what to value it at!

Worldwide 1,734 Practitioners trained to date.

(The first 5 Practitioners trained in November 2016)


Several People who Trained in OldPain2Go® have since made "their own" pain methodologies, often only taking a few weeks to develop their new brand. Beware of cheap imitations. It never pays to save a little and lose a lot.  If you are unable to afford OldPain2Go® and wish to consider a cheap "alternative", always make sure you see the course contents before parting with your money and ask them what research they did, what their process is based on, and who did they learn it from? You may also wish to consider what aftercare and support is given and compare the VALUE you will get for your outlay before deciding. 


About the author

Steven is the creator of OldPain2Go® based on #BrainBargaining and The Blake Methodology. He has also created OldFat2Go® and OldStuff2LetGo, AutoREM, AutoSomatics and a Therapeutic technique called the Canvas.

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