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Most Practitioners also offer OldPain2Go® over Skype/Zoom so location may not be an issue

To find a Practitioner near to you please use the bar at the top to add your location. Then you can add a radius and it will zoom in to your location automatically, if you need to, use the + or - buttons to zoom out until it includes a pin for a Practitioner. This list is NEW in June 2019 so will only have a few Practitioners to start with and I will be gradually adding more. See the Practitioner Listing for others.

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In the Practitioner list below the Map you can search using the search box or sort by column by clicking on the header



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These are all Practitioners trained in OldPain2Go® and are Independent therapists/businesses – none of them work for OldPain2Go®.

(Please note:  I, Steven Blake, accept no responsibility for the work of these individuals nor do I have any way of assessing their current abilities, only you can do that)

Please have a good look around, satisfy your curiosity and then take action. We don't chase you, so make contact with the right person and get the ball rolling!