Ruskington Events

You can train as an OldPain2Go® Practitioner with the creator, Steven Blake, live in Ruskington. 

Av Pain-Reduction

Please note payments can be by PayPal or Card (using the grayed box on the PayPal link sign in page).

We only get the email from your PayPal account to contact you on - if it is out of date you will need to contact us with your new details

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Maximum Capacity Only 5 People per Event.
When venue is fully booked the link will be removed.

If booking more than one place please contact first to check capacity.

Investment in OldPain2Go® Training

28th September 2019 (Saturday) - Ruskington - £399 GBP

19th October 2019 (Saturday) - Ruskington - £399 GBP

2nd November 2019 (Saturday) - Ruskington - £399 GBP

7th December 2019 (Saturday) - Ruskington - £399 GBP

Trudy and I look forward to meeting you.