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Physical or Emotional Pain Review Session.

Explanation of how I work:

During our conversation, my goal is to gain an understanding of not only your problematic issues but also the underlying reasons why they occur. In order for me to assist you effectively, it is imperative that you are transparent, forthright, and have a genuine desire to overcome the problem. Through my explanation of how the mind and body work together, I will share relevant real-life examples that will not only provide you with a conscious understanding but also a profound level of comprehension.

Once the unconscious and conscious aspects of your mind are in agreement regarding the new perspective on the issues, a transformational change can occur. This deep level of clarity often leads to a permanent alteration of the problematic program, and in many cases, the old program may no longer run at all. This change is usually immediate, and my work is intended to be completed in a single session of appropriate length. If I am unable to assist you after a session lasting several hours, we can conclude that further sessions may not be beneficial.

I cannot Guarantee a result, this is a collaboration of us working together. It is similar to the TV show where the client brings a few raw ingredients in a bag and the Chef has to cook a meal out of whatever they are given, without knowing in advance what the ingredients are.

Help with mainly Physical Pain

For PHYSICAL Pain you must have been medically assessed and either told there is nothing more can be done, nothing can be found, been advised to take pain relief medication, or are being prescribed it. Typically the Silver Service Pain Review Session of up to one hour is usually sufficient to achieve the desired result. 

Help with mainly Emotional Pain

For EMOTIONAL Pain, the Gold Service Session is in many cases enough to achieve a dramatic change in your quality of life.  In many cases the work involves both Physical and Emotional Pain and any complexity that adds. Sessions are all individual events dealing with whatever is raised.

Call Steven: 07593 687 506 (UK)

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If in doubt, before paying, you can check with Steven which session is the most applicable. Your appointment will be set up after booking, usually within 14 days.

Sorry, I DO NOT offer help with life long depression

Silver Service £240

Physical Pain issues: You are booking in for up to one hour. If additional hours are required, they may need to be on another day.

Gold Service £480

Emotional and more complex Physical pain issues: For sessions expected to take longer than an hour, and may go up to 3 hours duration. If Steven feels additional hours may be productive they can be added on in that session and will be at at no extra cost, subject to time availability.  

Platinum Service

Price on Application

A service planned around your specific wants, whether it be a one off, or ongoing. Please discuss with Steven and then click the button to add in our agreed price.

Sessions are in person at the Lincoln (UK) Consultation Room or over Zoom from anywhere in the world.

Unable to afford a treatment you want? Occasionally we do have  Fully Subsidised Treatments (FREE) For Physical Pain Only - Click here for more information.

Please have a good look around, satisfy your curiosity and then take action. We don't chase you, so make contact with the right person and get the ball rolling!