Zoom or Skype Training

Training in OldPain2Go over Zoom or Skype (preference for Zoom)

  • You can have a short Zoom or Skype session with Steven to ask any questions before purchase. Please message, text or email to arrange. This is free and with no obligation.
  • Training length varies to suit Trainee but is typically about 6 hours.
  • If it is practical (considering the time the session finishes) you can arrange to have a volunteer to work on at about 6 hours after the training starts (Info for Volunteers is here). Select someone wanting to be pain-free and with an issue, such as back pain or arthritis. 
  • If you cannot have a volunteer at the time of training you may do this aspect at a later date at no additional cost.
  • A Training Pack will be sent to you shortly after payment so that you can print it out in advance (Refunds cannot be given once materials are sent).
  • A link will be sent to a full video of a client having a successful treatment for Fibromyalgia. It lasts 50 minutes and covers everything from them entering to leaving.  It would be beneficial to see in advance if you have the time.
  • Typically a Skype Session can be arranged within 10 days. You can pay and then arrange or arrange and then pay.
  • Any START time between 8 am and 5 pm is suitable for UK time (BST March to October, GMT November to February)
  • A Closed Facebook Group will become available to you after training and this will contain all the latest training material and videos with the regular updates (subject to agreed conditions).
  • Skype/Zoom training can be individual or you can have others join and then this is a reduced rate for you all.
  • You will receive all the same benefits as anyone training in a group session.
  • You will receive your certificate electronically and a paper one will be mailed to you.

Zoom/Skype Prices and Payment Page