Steven’s Sessions

Price list – Steven Blake – OldPain2Go® & BrainBargaining™
Physical or Emotional Pain Review Sessions.

As a practitioner I operate as a go between for your two states of mind, conscious and unconscious. The results relate to your determination, and translating that across to the unconscious aspect of your mind that controls your health. It is YOU working on YOU, with my help. I can only do all in my power to help. For physical Pain you must have been medically assessed and either told there is nothing more can be done, nothing can be found, or been advised to take pain relief medication (or are being prescribed it).

These are Private sessions, we are not funded or subsidised by the NHS, or any other body – Only by paying clients.
Always check with Steven which session is the most applicable and set up an appointment before paying. 01526 832 563 (UK)
Sessions are in person at the Ruskington Consultation Room or over Zoom anywhere in the world.

Silver Service – £240:

Up to one hours duration.

Gold Service – £360:

Up to two hours duration.

Platinum Service – £480:

Up to 3 hours duration – but additional hours required by Steven to be added on in that session will be at at no extra cost, subject to availability (Sessions are typically planned for a 10:00 am start and only one client booked that day).

Diamond Service
Contact Steven to determine the price and then click the Buy Now button for cards or PayPal payments - or the blue button for PayPal only and type in the agreed price:

A tailor made package – Prices on Application – call 01526 832 563
Payment: Click HERE to go to the PayPal Me web page for Steven Blake – You will need to type in the amount agreed

Totally FREE Service – Volunteers Required – (Physical Pain Only):

Steven regularly trains people in OldPain2Go and each trainee needs a volunteer to work with at the end of their training. This takes place under Steven’s supervision, so the outcome is as good as though he had done the work himself. There is a waiting list for this that you may apply to join. The trainees will work with clients with physical issue pains for free. Within each training session one volunteer will be personally worked on by Steven for FREE (Physical Pain Only).

These FREE places are in Lincoln,London and at some Hosted Events they are NOT available by Zoom/Skype.

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