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Investment in OldPain2Go® Training

Please note this is for payments for Training Only – For Treatment Payments please click here

Payment for Training in a Class or Group (including Skype Group) – Price per Person


Payment for One Person Training Individually  (Skype, Zoom or similar)



Skype dates and times are by mutual arrangement and include evenings.

A Skype session takes approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Classes take approximately 8 hours dependant on numbers of trainees.

If you wish to Organise Group Training in your area or by Skype please call Steven to discuss 01526 832 563.

Travelling to come to you will incur higher costs to supply the training and therefore this may be reflected in higher Training costs. These will be shown on the dedicated page for the event.


Please note that whilst the payment links here are good on a laptop or desktop computer, some people have experienced difficulties over phones and IPads.


Alternative ways of Paying (only if the above links don’t work or aren’t suitable)

For any payment amount not specified here you can click PayPal Me and enter the agreed amount.

If you want to pay to my email address, only use – please use this carefully


Master Practitioner Certification and Trainer Certification is by application only and based on experience and evidence of effectiveness at practitioner level in OldPain2Go®.  Costs, if any, will reflect only what training, help, support, assessment and ongoing administration that is required (you are not paying for any training that you do not need).  When qualified as a trainer you will pay a registration fee per trainee rather than annual fees or compulsory training (so you only pay when you earn + you have a more valuable offer for the student).

Trainers Only

OldPain2Go® Practitioner Registration (Trainers use Only)

Please note that Authorised Trainers in OldPain2Go are obliged to register ALL trainees.

The registration fee is included in the cost of a course and entitles a newly trained practitioner to all the benefits of OldPain2Go® Authorised Training (subject to a signed agreement).

Enter the Name of Practitioner you are registering or, if entering a group, for your own reference the class date and description, then press the Add to Cart button and adjust the number of registrations as required on the shopping cart page.

Practitioner Registration