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Therapy is as individual as you are – the mind processes are very similar in all of us.

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Dealing with Grief

If you suffer from the grief of loss here is Steven's way he has helped many people lose the pain and remember the person with a far better feeling.

Arthritis - my explanation of why the pain can go.

I am not medically trained so don't work with or on medical problems. What I do is to help people recognise what is trapping them in pain and see if their survival system can press the re-set button.

Is it "You" or "I"?

Steven explains how changing a small word can instanly change how you feel about things.

Just Do, Don't "Try".

A word so powerful that it is best avoided.

Don't feed the Monster!

Our thoughts direct our energy to the topic of our thoughts, and trying to pretend something doesn't exist also gives it energy.

Chocolate biscuits and the meaning of life!

If one thing could change the world overnight it would be everyone understaning this concept!

A demonstration in becoming pain-free and somewhat bemused.

A before and after example of OldPain2Go. Andy had many years in physical pain following a motorcycle crash when he was 17. His foot was deformed from it and he really couldn't believe OldPain2Go could help more than take 1% of the pain away. He left in no pain at all.

Where you think - you go!

My London metaphor! When I have a call from a client I have helped and they just want reassurance, I can just say "London." And they say "yes of course, thank you so much."

How to get out of a poor emotional state!

My simple and very effective technique that uses a natural process we already do unconsciously every night. It also works because of a thing called bi lateral stimulation. I share this freely as the creator of it, you may use it yourself or help others with it. Please give me the courtesy of accrediting it back to me, no permission required just say "as created by Steven Blake mba." Thanks

Self Kindness and anxiety relief

Two fabulous ways to defeat anxiety and be kinder to yourself.