2024 OldPain2Go Going Forward

New Website - New Training Structure

Our Mission:

To liberate as many people as possible from the grip of chronic pain!

Our Goal:

To achieve our mission we need to

Our Strategy:

To achieve our mission we need to

What's Changing

Our Training Is Now CPD Accredited

This offers recognition as a high-quality educational program that contributes to Continuing Professional Development, broadening our reach within the medical sector.

We listened to your voices

Your feedback inspired us to adjust our training structure to avoid overwhelming our students. The Foundational Level provides the essential knowledge and skills required to effectively address physical pain, while the Advanced Level delves into more complex pain-related issues.
Both tiers are certified and can be taken at the students pace. This flexible approach gives time to learn, absorb, and move to Tier 2 at their own pace.

Case Studies

We have included an assessment stage to our training programme.
Requesting the student submits 2 brief client case studies, to highlight any areas where we can offer support, and validating their understanding before being certified.

New user friendly Hub

We have centralised all the core information within a user friendly hub in a one stop shop.

The hub is designed with a clear layout for each Tier, over 300 support videos and pre-recorded live training.

Existing Practitioners will have access to this hub.

Success Stories

We've created a process to capture and share success stories in both video and written formats, enabling us to highlight the amazing results that practitioners are achieving worldwide.

Training across 4 time zones!

We now offer pre-planned flexible training sessions to suit four time zones — PT (Los Angeles), EST (New York), GMT (London) & AEST (Sydney). Ensuring a convenient 9 AM start time in each zone.

New Website Launched!

We've overhauled our entire website to provide a simplified explanation that is consistent throughout in its terminology. The updated site focuses on social proof, education, science, statistics, and studies. Additionally, we've upgraded our training page to encourage healthcare professionals from the wellness, therapy, and medical fields to join us.

FREE - online practitioners map

To help expand the professional profile of our practitioners globally, we've added our online practitioners map as a feature on the main page. This service is now offered for FREE, allowing clients to easily find and connect with certified OldPain2Go® practitioners worldwide.

Getting the word out there

Our next phase includes a strong focus on marketing. Along with supplying our practitioners with helpful social media and website assets, we’ll be investing in targeted ads to spread the word. This increased exposure will drive people to the website, where they can discover more and find a local practitioner.

Referral program

We’ve created a mutually beneficial referral program that benefits new students and existing practitioners while helping us reach an audience that might have been beyond our reach.

How does it affect you?


The aim of these incredibly exciting changes is to help OldPain2Go® expand its reach, positively impacting the lives of people all over the globe, and ensuring our practitioners achieve success through support.

The new Hub not only retains all your current access and after care support materials, but also enhances your user experience by consolidating all essential information in one central location, that is accessed with only one password.

To gain access to the new hub, simply complete this brief form:


Inside the hub, you'll discover our library of pre-recorded live training and support videos conveniently organised into bite-size chunks. Each video now includes a summary and key points, ensuring a superior learning experience. We're committed to enhancing the Hub further, including the addition of a search function, and we thank you for your patience as we address any potential issues.

If you haven't already, would you like to enhance your professional profile globally? Showcase your photo and contact details on our OldPain2Go® Online Practitioners Map, now featured on our main webpage and free of charge. Within the above form, you'll notice a section where you can provide your business address, then simply upload a picture of yourself on your hub profile, and we'll take care of the rest.

We are looking at running a 'Refresh & Advance' training for our existing practitioners, offering the opportunity to view all the latest information, gain access to new advanced materials and progress into being an ‘Advanced Practitioner’. If this would be of interest of you simply let us know in the form.

Don’t forget to take advantage of monthly ‘Ask Steven’ live sessions, providing you with the opportunity to interact directly with Steven, gain valuable insights and receive answers to your questions. We encourage you to participate in the live session, but if you're unable to do so, rest assured that all sessions are recorded and made available in the support section of your hub and 'OldPain2Go® Official Practitioners' Facebook group. You can now submit your question ahead of time to ensure it will be answered here: https://forms.office.com/r/n7VrLHEP0Q .

Details about the next session are announced within our OldPain2Go® Official Practitioners' Facebook group. Link to join the zoom meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4220071212 Meeting ID: 422 007 1212

For those of you who may not have continued using OldPain2Go®, we want to extend a warm welcome back into the fold of supporting people in pain once again. We are committed to doing everything possible to assist you in your journey. Within the above form, you'll notice a section where you can let us know what we can do to support you.

We truly appreciate your support and hope that you can see the amazing vision and exciting changes that has taken our tiny, but mighty team, 4 months of hard work.

Kindest regards

OldPain2Go® Support Team

(Steven, Trudy & Peter)

If you are not already part of our exclusive practitioners Facebook group, a collaborative space and connect with fellow practitioners, ask questions, share achievements, and offer mutual support. Simply click this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OldPain2GoPrac/