Jason Linett Interview

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May 30

Getting the Word Out

How life changes, a few months ago I was scrabbling around for opportunities! Have you ever noticed how when you chase things they run off in the opposite direction? Well recently things changed and one of the worlds best-known hypnotherapists actually asked me if I wanted to be interviewed for his PodCast. When I saw that he had interviewed so many people I really admire, well what could I say except a YES please. What an opportunity to join a line up including; Igor Ledochowski, Chris Thompson, Karl Smith and Mike Mandel. So here is the link to the site, just click the Image!


About the Author

Steven is the creator of #OldPain2Go based on #BrainBargaining and The Blake Methodology. His mission is to get as many people as possible throughout the world, out of the misery of Old unnecessary Pain.