Designed to help people quickly free themselves from Chronic Pain Messages

From initial successes in 2011, taught since 2016 to 1,700 people and under continual development. 

This information about OldPain2Go® applies to people in chronic pain, diagnosed by a medical professional who has indicated that the pain will persist and that pain medication and management are the only options (they are not).

Medicating Chronic Pain?

The level of pain is a carefully calculated response by your brain meant to prompt action when needed. However, it can become counterproductive when there's no action to take (chronic pain) and may mask awareness of new pain. Medication which lowers chronic pain levels, may conflict with your brain's intended message, causing it to counteract it from being lowered, by dialling it up to compensate. This may explain it's ineffectiveness.

Instead of deceiving the brain with medication, a simpler approach involves a conversation that challenges the currently held pain calculation (Steven's concept of BrainBargaining™). This dialogue allows your brain to reassess pain levels based on current information, potentially leading to the cessation of the old pain message, as it's no longer necessary.




  • All Pain is real, regardless of the cause being found or not.
  • Pain is calculated in the Brain not the part that hurts.
  • Acute Pain is an Alarm that alerts us to the problem
  • Chronic Pain is not alerting us to a problem, it is the problem
  • The Brain takes into consideration all sensory data, plus emotions, feelings, visual clues, exaggerations, negative thoughts, memories, previously learned programs, and everything else it thinks appropriate.
  • There is always a positive intention, although it may not be obvious.
  • Pain Cannot be Measured - It is a personal perception.
  • Pain Medication is designed to trick the brain & body, not to cure the problem.
  • Your Pain Level is the Brain's Opinion of the danger, not the damage.

Brain Considerations to Form a Pain Opinion

Pain science, also known as the biopsychosocial model of pain, goes beyond just the concept of physical damage when explaining why we experience pain. It recognizes that pain is a complex and multifaceted experience influenced by various factors. In addition to tissue damage, pain takes into consideration psychological and social elements. This includes our emotional state, stress levels, beliefs about pain, and past experiences. Moreover, our social environment, including support from friends and family, societal expectations, and cultural influences, plays a significant role in shaping our pain perception. 

Changing the Brain's Opinion

Steven's therapy practice initially focused on helping individuals manage anxiety, with less attention to physical pain. In 2016, he made a breakthrough after understanding that emotional and physical pain share common neural pathways. He integrated his anxiety treatment approach into pain management, helping clients recognize the irrelevance of persistent pain alarms. By using techniques like ideomotor responses, he prompted the brain to re-evaluate the need for pain signals. This often led to complete pain removal or significant reduction, leaving only a subtle reminder of any underlying issues. This approach gave rise to OldPain2Go®, continually evolving and improving since its inception in 2016.

Steven explains why being Free of Chronic Pain may be no more difficult than changing your brain's Opinion!

Generally, a single Pain Review Session is typically sufficient to determine whether we can facilitate a shift in your perspective or not, as we collaboratively explore potential avenues for assistance. Hopefully resulting in a simple change of understanding that your chronic pain serves no purpose and a change of your brain's opinion!

You Are What You Think

Your Head does not contain just facts. Each individual possesses a unique perspective that shapes their interpretation of the world. When we encounter new information, our mind naturally seeks to connect it with what we already know. Through a combination of perception and existing knowledge, we construct our Interpretation. 

To simplify this intricate process, we employ mechanisms such as deletion, distortion, and generalization to manage the vast array of details. When this cognitive adaptation falls short, rejection of the new idea occurs. 

Your head is full of full of information and programs that are made from Deletions, Distortions and Generalisations. 

When we encounter new information that contradicts our existing beliefs, our natural tendency is to favour our entrenched opinions over the novel ideas. This phenomenon is known as cognitive dissonance, a strong feeling you may experience when considering OldPain2Go. To break free from chronic pain, it's crucial to shift your brain's out of date perception of danger, so it is important to actively keep an open mind until you're satisfied whether or not this approach could benefit you.

The Good News

The purpose of a Pain Review Session is to expose and deal with the Deletions, Distortions and Generalisations that have caused the pain alarm to stick on. To release it we use new information that will give the brain chance to review the need for pain. The information will help the brain understand it is not in the danger it thought it was. 

The brain will do what it always does with new information, Delete, Distort and Generalise, to understand the new reality that pain-free is an option and you can chose that by changing your opinion over pain.

The Pain Cycle and its Elements

Even some of the best treatments involving pain education are locked into the idea that the pain can only go if we work first on removing or reducing the problems it causes.

OldPain2Go Pain Cycle

Once you understand that firmly holding the opinion that the pain isn't needed - stops it being transmitted, you can see the changes it can automatically bring as well as easing convalescence.

Chronic Pain Removal First - should be the ambition of any treatment. 

Steven Blake's PITS Theory

The body usually heals itself. Sometimes it needs external help, surgery to repair or remove damage, medication to fight infection, a bandage or plaster cast etc.. An initial trauma that could have a broken bone would immediately tense muscles to hold the bone in place and also the tension would restrict blood flow in the damaged area, and therefore also restrict possible blood loss. Pain always comes with Tension and when those two are needed Inflammation comes along as another protective measure. In simple terms inflammation cleans up the debris and gets them out of the body without it harming you. It's also in charge of deciding what healing materials are needed, it even opens back up the blood vessels to get a better supply of the right materials. Pain, Inflammation and Tension are working buddies, remove any of them and the remaining ones send for them back. That is why OldPain2Go® asks the brain to remove all three. The "S's" in the middle refer to chronic pain which acts like a tent prop to keep the trio running with a Story or Stories of reasons to stay in pain (there aren't any valid stories for correctly diagnosed chronicity). OldPain2Go® training is to discover these stories, reveal them to the client and have them reject the need to stay in pain.

Steven Blake mba - Creator of OldPain2Go®

"The OldPain2Go Methodology's roots trace back to my personal journey, beginning at age 8 with a back injury that worsened over time, leading to diagnoses of ankylosing spondylitis and spinal arthritis at 38. By age 58, I had severe pain and nerve discomfort. However, my transformation came when I trained as a therapist and adapted an NLP technique to eliminate my chronic back pain without numbing the area. Recognizing that chronic pain often served no purpose, I conducted research and helped clients discover the underlying causes of their conditions, refining these principles over time.

In 2016, I was unaware of the scientific basis for my approach and unfamiliar with similar concepts advocated by figures like Dr. John Sarno and Charles Tebbetts. Pioneers also recognized that chronic pain differed from acute pain and was often a protective response to perceived danger. Although clients who experienced my therapy celebrated their pain-free outcomes, promoting my work initially was met with challenges and hostility.

Today, Pain Science increasingly supports the principles underlying my work, yet many top scientists maintain the belief that chronic pain can only be managed through extensive efforts, education, and time. Even Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for chronic pain, with scientifically substantiated results, adopts a multidisciplinary approach, making pain removal complex. OldPain2Go® operates on the premise that persuading the brain to reassess pain necessity can lead to instant relief. Addressing related issues, OldPain2Go® addresses body tension and inflammation triggers.

The OldPain2Go Methodology is simple and effective, with novice practitioners achieving results comparable to the creator's. Practitioners don't perform healing; individuals tap into their own healing power by discarding outdated beliefs that perpetuated the pain. The method is safe, as the part of the individual that calculates pain deems it unnecessary. Since helping myself in 2011, I've been free of chronic pain, and I've also assisted several thousand people in becoming pain-free. The mission of OldPain2Go® worldwide is to help as many people as possible free themselves from chronic pain."

Meet The Team

Steven and Trudy, Directors of OldPain2Go Limited, All the Practitioners and Trainers are Independent traders.

Fast & Effective

You will quickly discover if we can help you change your Brain's opinion. Whether you think we might be able to help you change your opinion, or you think that we definitely cannot - you will be right.

No Regular Fees - Pay only for a Pain Review Session

As you can expect if you will, typically, only see us once, it is likely to be a higher hourly fee than someone who wants you for 6 sessions or more (so far more cost effective in practice).

Not an App that relies on your frequent requests

Get rid of the pain first, then you can deal far more easy with what other problems it caused in your life, that haven't yet gone. This isn't a daily chore to keep pain free, just a change of opinion you hold.

Not Exercise or Medication Based

No medications that give you added problems and no pain barriers to push through for exercising. Just take it steady the first few weeks.

Please have a good look around, satisfy your curiosity and then take action. We don't chase you, so make contact with the right person and get the ball rolling!

 It is that simple!

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