Helping you lose the need for 

old (chronic) pain messages.

OldPain2Go® is at the head of a revolution in how you can take back control from your old, unnecessary, lingering Pain-Messages.

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OldPain2Go® - the Revolutionary Methodology that is sweeping the world - 1,621 Practitioners trained to date


Getting Help to Help Yourself

1, Have you been in Pain a long time?
No need to believe it will work. OldPain2Go® explained here!

2, OldPain2Go® Questions and Answers
All your Questions and concerns Answered here!

3, Client Feedback Videos
Over 140 videos covering feedback from clients of various Practitioners. Hear what they think about their individual results.

4, Fibromyalgia, M.E. and C.F.S.
If you want my view on understanding any of these debilitating illnesses read this page. If you recognise yourself in the description then there is a good chance you can get on the road to recovery.

5, A Free Session in Return for Your Help
Would a free session help you? It would help us as well. We do have some free places at training events for either the trainer to demonstrate with you, or for the newly trained person to get their first session completed under the watchful eyes of the trainer. You can only book these with the trainer of an event you can attend. Spaces are limited so call ASAP. List of Events

6, Find a Practitioner on the List (not map)
Want to find out if this could work for you and the issue you have? Here is a list of all the practitioners who wanted to display their contact details publicly. Give one of them a call and get a free opinion. Before ringing them you must have been diagnosed by a medical professional for that issue.

Training to Help Others

1, Training Opportunity
The concept of OldPain2Go® and the Training for it explained here!

2, Course Contents
We are very open about what it is you will learn and think you will love it, as so many others do.

3, The Blake Methodology
At the heart of OldPain2Go® is the simple and effect Methodology that includes BrainBargaining. All explained here!

4, Client Feedback Videos
Over 140 videos covering feedback from clients of various Practitioners. Hear what they think about the results they had.

5, Training Reviews
Read what trainees think about the training in these 5 star reviews.

6, All Training Events
See all the planned training events here! This does not cover the Zoom training, please contact your preferred Trainer to discuss those events.

7, OldPain2Go® Trainers
Who is right for you?

Steven's Personal Website Pages: Click here

OldPain2Go® Analysis of 216 Feedback Forms

OldPain2Go® Analysis of 216 Feedback Forms

Important: This is the personal website of Steven Blake and OldPain2Go® is a non-medical intervention I created. This is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, assessment or treatment, and is simply a way of you changing your perception of your current pain levels. It is not a treatment for pain, it does not prevent future pain, nor does it numb the area. Prior diagnosis by a medical professional is required. Results are only indicative of those who have provided feedback - it is not predictive of the outcome of future individual sessions. Everything on here expresses my personal views, beliefs, experiences and studies. I am not medically trained and therefore do not offer medical advice or diagnosis. Any work you do with a Practitioner who has trained in OldPain2Go is a contract between the two of you. Once they have trained in OldPain2Go®, as an individual, I have no way of assessing their ongoing competency or abilities, they do not log their clients with me nor do I receive a payment for client's they work with.

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