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Everything you need to know about Steven's services can be found from the links here. If there is anything you cannot find or something not covered that you need to know please feel free to email:

Contact Methods:

General Enquiries:

Phone: 01526 832 563

It is always simpler to call and discuss rather that send messages back and forth.

For therapy clients we must talk with the actual client (not just someone phoning on their behalf) before taking a booking.


Please note we are available most typical UK office hours (BST March to October, GMT November to February)

OldPain2Go Limited, Office address: 12a Rectory Road Ruskington, Lincolnshire NG34 9AE England (UK)

Please have a good look around, satisfy your curiosity and then take action. We don't chase you, so make contact with the right person and get the ball rolling!