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Coming Soon – Only available to Practitioners and Therapists who ALSO currently have skills and qualifications in helping clients with emotional pain relief (Hypnotherapy, NLP, Counselling, Psychology etc.).  

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Course Structure

Introduction - Will this be beneficial to you? 1 Lesson

Steven Shares His Experience and Methods.

I am sharing my learning and adaptation of what made me effective in helping clients with anxiety or other issues that are related to the removal, or resetting of emotional pain programs. I will not be teaching the basic skills I learned such as Hypnotherapy and NLP. If you already have the basic skills in helping this type of clients, you should find the training very beneficial. If you don’t already deal with these clients or have the basic skills in place, I would suggest you learn this later when it would be more beneficial to do so.

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Pre-Consultation 1 Lesson

Why I prefer Minimal Information

Any Disadvantage of Getting Better?

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Seeking The Solution 2 Lessons

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Educating The Client 45 Lessons

Worry, Regret and Predictions

What If my Heart stopped? Unconscious: let me show you!

Watch The Language!

You instead of I, Try, and indicative figures of speech.

Must Remember Instead of shouldn't forget.

Repetitive Negatives keep us stuck and we believe them.

Ellies Funeral - Don't break Down!

Current or Past tense Language

Understanding Conscious/Unconscious Dynamic

Unconscious does what it thinks is best and is influenced by conscious.

Thanking/appreciating the Unconscious

Brain is complex but works in a similar way in everyone.


Born Different

Perception is everything.

We all have a different map of the world. Don't get others to move their map to suit yours.

Resetting a Safety Program

Anxiety filters every thought.


Thoughts are Not Reality - They Just Feel That Way

Manifest what we ask for - Good Or Bad

pretend oil squirted into knee.


We Are All Programmed

wired, match seeking, parents, etc.

We train others how to treat us, then don't like it.

Not To Blame

Forgive and love the younger you and reassure them.


We Only Live in The Moment

Rehearsing Things Going Wrong

Name one thing you worried about that happened.

We Remember How Things Ended

Easy to forget the people we dump but not the ones who dump us.

Why We Sabotage

Rejecting People so they cannot hurt us.

Rejecting compliments not realising we cause hurt.

example of foster kid burning house down.

People aren't Doer up opportunities.



Passion for Change

The unknown is not scary, it is the imagination of the worst case scenario that is. As long as the future decision will be made by us that is all we can do.


Imagine Yourself In The Future If You Hadn't Decided To Change

What Number would you like to walk away with?


People Pleasing

Oxygen Mask on the Plane.

Please yourself not desperate for external love.


Who's Voice is It?

Voices in head are normal.

Body Shape Changes To Suit Feeling n(and Vice Versa)

Mimic The Posture, get clues how they feel.

External Influencers

lack of trust in self.


We Don't Hear What was Said

We hear what we think they will say. Example Sarah n Doctor.



Lack of Assertiveness Causes many Problems

Not your Job to please others.

Making Life Simple

Big Picture. Living Life On Auto.


Don't feed the Monster.

Mole Removal Story.


Dealing With Bullying and/or Narcissistic Behaviour

It Only Hurts If We Check If It Is True.

A Boy Named Betty.

The Difference between Anxiety and Depression

Sticky Marbles.

Hiding in a Black Sack.

A chemical Imbalance made by negative thoughts.

Highs And Lows

How we cut short the good with poor expectations but expect the bad to last.

Not Black and white , most things have grey.

Thoughts make Chemicals.


OCD Explained


Superstition: Pigeon Flapping wing to be fed

Lead The Client By Example

Aikido, the attacker is ugly. Car Skid, look where you want to go.

Great Questions

Who's in charge of your feelings now?

Instead of trying to controlling others to fit in with you, how about controlling you?

Third Person Chair

Become the problem person to see how they think.

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Practical Processes (Techniques and Methods) 17 Lessons

Shock Tactics

Kill The Client (pretend).


Forcing client to reveal deepest fear - Die a terrible Fucking agonising death - Good     That you said it.


Agreeing with them, or pointing out how they would feel if we repeated what they are saying to themselves.



Accepting what you can or cannot change

Cut The Elastic

If leaning heavily we would fall over so need to stop pulling and make it slack before release.


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Concluding, Testing and Forward Pacing 2 Lessons

Test Now, Test Future.

Dealing with the issues as they happen not previewing every possibly bad case scenario.

Conclude, Reinforce and Maintenance

Thank Unconscious, praise it for how it will help them in the future.

Summarise that we have found the cause and dealt with it.

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Suggestions For Further Help That May Be Beneficial. 1 Lesson

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Various Case Studies 1 Lesson

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Short Examples 4 Lessons

The Boy Holding The Pram

Hit side of ear, numb down one side.

Who Is Raping Him Now?

Gang Raped at 13 has thoughts about it every day

Adopted Boy From Abusive Home.

Spend your life thinking about the shitty start or realise you then won the jackpot - your choice.

Miserable Woman

Husband cheated 30 years ago. then 20 years ago. Used it to make him miserable not realising it also made her miserable.