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Our All Inclusive CPD Accredited 2-Tier Double Certification Training Course

Tailored to support new and experienced therapists alike, as well as medical health professionals in effectively finding solutions for patients currently experiencing Chronic Pain.

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Approximately 40% of the UK adult population and an estimated 1.5 billion people worldwide are suffering with chronic pain. It’s highly likely you’re already interacting with many people you can help after others have given up on them.

Are you a Therapist or Wellbeing Practitioner...

.. looking to enhance your skills to help clients' over come pain barriers, enabling you to more effectively apply your expertise and reach greater outcomes.

If hands-on-treatments are causing you physical challenges, transitioning to a non-invasive and simple talking therapy will offer relief while maintaining effective client care.

It is incredibly rewarding to broaden your reach to a wider audience and reignite relationships with previous clients to offer them renewed support.

Are you a Medical Professional...

.. seeking an innovative approach to assist patients suffering with chronic pain.

If you’re witnessing a high percentage of patients with pain-related issues, valuable time and resources may be saved by delegating this alternative approach to trained staff or Certified OldPain2Go® Practitioners.

As OldPain2Go® is centred on resetting unhelpful pain messages, it is uniquely suited to also support patients in palliative care, where chronic pain often endures without serving any meaningful purpose.

Our training provides you and your support staff with the opportunity to accumulate 15 hours each for ongoing professional development (CPD).

OldPain2Go® is an alternative path aimed at addressing the route cause, alleviating the confusions and frustration often accompanying pain management approaches that solely focus on symptom management and medication.

Or have you personally experienced the transformation of OldPain2Go®...

.. and are motivated by a passion to help others feel the same elation and freedom. It is often said that those who have suffered become the most compassionate and effective practitioners, because they can offer empathy, understanding, and hope based on life experiences. Many of our Practitioners trained after OldPain2Go® had removed their pain.

Time and again, we witness individuals embodying new found meaning and purpose to their past experience by embracing a career that is rewarding on so many levels.

From Sceptic to Champion

This is Drew's Story

Drew Coverdale, a seasoned Chartered Physiotherapist from the UK, has dedicated over two decades to treating musculoskeletal conditions. Despite his deep roots in traditional physiotherapy and a significant role in the NHS, Drew faced the persistent frustrating challenge of chronic pain management, which led him on a quest for solutions.

His journey took a pivotal turn at an OldPain2Go® training event, where his scepticism was tested against remarkable outcomes. Even after witnessing most participants find relief from lifelong pain, Drew’s doubt lingered—until a personal trial with his daughter erased it. Her liberation from seven years of neck pain was a defining moment, propelling Drew to delve deeper into this methodology.

Conversations with fellow professionals and further observations solidified his belief in OldPain2Go®. Drew has since been instrumental in alleviating chronic pain for many, advocating for its scientific exploration, and authoring ‘The Pain Habit’. His work now reflects a newfound conviction: providing hope and healing where he once thought it impossible.

“OldPain2Go is one of the most remarkable treatments I have ever come across in 20 plus years of Clinical Practice!”

Drew Coverdale - MSc BSc MCSP MMACP

Drew’s story highlights how natural it is to be sceptical, but how keeping an open mind and exploring new possibilities is vital to evolving perspectives that can make such a positive impact in so many peoples lives.

Having seen for himself so many times the OldPain2Go® Pain Reset Moment, even he could no longer deny it works.

How much do you already know about OldPain2Go® ?

To gain a comprehensive understanding of OldPain2Go®, if you haven't already done so, please visit our homepage. You can easily navigate back by clicking the 'Train To Help Others' tab located at the top of the page.

Prioritising the Chronic Pain Going First should always be the primary ambition of any treatment and here is why.

Almost all of the best of the Currently Available Treatments

Many current top treatments involving Pain education adhere to the belief that the pain can only go if we work first on removing or reducing the problems it causes. However, this approach often proves slow and challenging. It forces the client to push through pain, the very opposite of the message the pain is giving, causing fear and confusion, which causes physical and emotional tension which is unhelpful toward recovery.

The OldPain2Go® logical approach based on the same Science

OldPain2Go® operates on the premise of addressing the pain itself first. By realising that the pain is not serving them, the generating of pain messages ceases, leading to automatic changes and hastens recovery. As soon as pain goes we move "normally" without fear or expectation of damage, knowing that if we do something harmful, we will get the appropriate pain message and be able to notice it and take appropriate action.

Could addressing pain as the initial focus with this approach, finally provide the solution you've been searching for?

The Professional, Emotional and Financial Rewards

of becoming an OldPain2Go® Practitioner.

It goes without saying that if you are reading this, making a lasting difference is the greatest reward! Additionally, there are financial rewards in accessing a new audience, increasing your value with your existing audience, the ripple effect of helping one who will tell many, and the incredible opportunity for those seeking to change direction in their life.

At the heart of OldPain2Go® lies a mission: to liberate as many people as possible from the grip of chronic pain. Our approach is simple: compassion, empathy, transparency, grounded in science, rooted in logic, and a training program created to be accessible, affordable and flexible for all. With expanding studies and developing global connections, the awareness of OldPain2Go® is set to grow exponentially. We would like you to join us and be a part of this journey to transform lives all over the world.

A Large Audience Seeking an Effective Solution

Approximately 40% of the UK adult population and an estimated one and a half billion people worldwide are enduring chronic pain, with a significant portion having invested extensively in repetitive treatments without success.

This audience actively seeks a solution, which makes the prospect of immediate results from a single session highly appealing for them.

As perspectives around chronic pain evolve, so does the demand for practitioners who can provide effective solutions.

The Ripple Effect of
Transformative Change

The ripple effect of the OldPain2Go® Pain Reset Moment extends beyond the individual experiencing the change, it positively affects many of those around them.

People frequently share transformative news with friends and family, raising awareness about solutions for chronic pain. This results in their search for skilled practitioners who can offer assistance.

Unlocking Greater Value

The increased value you can offer your clients is immeasurable. Not only does it lead to greater results when combined with your expertise, also the ability to reset your clients' pain significantly enhances your value to them as a practitioner.
By prioritizing the alleviation of their pain, you remove a significant barrier and enable them to transition towards concentrating on their overall well-being.
This liberation of the clients' resources, time, and energy allows them to dedicate themselves more fully to also seek any additional expertise you provide to enhance their quality of life.

Alleviating Medical Frustration
and Liberating Resources.

Just one patient freed from chronic pain allows medical professionals to reclaim valuable time and resources that would otherwise be consumed by repetitive treatments and symptom management for patients.

Furthermore, the simplicity and effectiveness of OldPain2Go® enables support teams to play a pivotal role in its application, thereby alleviating the burden on medical professionals, allowing healthcare providers to focus their expertise where it's needed most.

When all avenues have been exhausted, and hope seems lost, introducing a new approach that has proven effective for many with chronic pain can reignite joy and passion, and not only for the patient.

Access a Purposeful, Flexible and Fulfilling Career

If you're naturally someone others turn to for support, with a genuine passion and empathy for helping people, imagine waking up every day with a clear sense of purpose. As an OldPain2Go practitioner, you are independent and have the freedom to shape your work schedule around your life commitments, achieving a harmonious work-life dynamic. What's remarkable is that previous therapy experience or qualifications aren't necessary. This profession isn't weighed down by an excess of paperwork, enabling you to fully concentrate on enhancing your clients' experience.

Freshly trained OldPain2Go practitioners achieve results comparable to experienced ones due to the effectiveness of the technique*, and they have the freedom to set their own fees, often earning £200 or more per session. With this flexibility, you can recoup your training costs in just three sessions. Many of our practitioners had no prior training in therapy, with many being inspired by their personal experiences of their OldPain2Go® Pain Reset Moment.

*On average, newly trained Practitioners achieved results within 6% effectiveness of their trainer, whilst working on their first client.

Check out what our Students say about Steven and OldPain2Go®

Why Choose OldPain2Go® Training?

Immediate Results

You'll be equipped with techniques to apply your new skills straight out of training, helping clients discover immediate results from the start.

Simplicity & Effectiveness

Client-led non-invasive talking treatment, avoiding excessive paperwork burdens, and hands on challenges. This allows you to focus on the simplicity and effectiveness of applying the technique.

Learn at your pace

Designed with flexibility in mind, featuring two tiers of foundational and advanced training that can adapt to your schedule.

Accessible to all

Whether you're an existing practitioner or therapist, a medical professional, or someone with no background seeking a positive career change.

Online or In Person

OldPain2Go training is available both online and at in person events, providing flexibility for participants to choose the format that best suits their preferences and needs.

Remarkable Value

Comprehensive learning, training and after care offers remarkable value for money. Payments in British Pounds, with equivalent US Dollars, Canadian Dollars or Australian Dollars displayed.

Success through Support

Excellent support and lifetime aftercare program, aimed at ensuring your continued success and confidence in applying transformative results.

Answering the Call

Join the exponential growth of individuals contributing to the solution as the demand for OldPain2Go rises. The world needs it now more than ever. If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

Training Course Structure

Our all inclusive training course is divided into two tiers, organised into sections designed to optimise your learning experience and ensure that you have the Knowledge and Skills to achieve transformative Results.

Two Tiers - flexible to suit your learning needs & timing



9 Hours

Exploring the fundamental concepts, principles, and methodologies of OldPain2Go®, leading to certification as a "Certified Practitioner" and earning 9 CPD hours.

Upon completion of this tier, you will possess the essential knowledge and skills required to effectively address physical pain, ensuring you can deliver immediate results.



6 Hours

Covering intricate topics, advanced techniques, and specialized skills, delving deeper into psychology, the mind-body connection, and emotional factors.

Upon finishing this level, you will be equipped to assist individuals with more complex pain-related issues. Completing this tier grants additional CPD hours and certifies you as an "Advanced Certified Practitioner."

Tier 1 - Live One Day Training

Your Time in Your Time Zone:

Pre-course materials available immediately, 2 hours worth of pre-course study at your leisure.

One days attendance, 9am start, 5pm completion in your selected time zone.

Total  = 9 hours learning and CPD Certification

Tier 2 One - Live One Evening Training

Your Time in Your Time Zone:

Pre-course materials available after completion of Tier 2, 3.25 hours worth of study at your leisure.

One evenings attendance, 6:30pm start, 9:30pm completion in 1 of 4  selected time zones.

Total  = 6 hours learning and CPD Certification

Total for CPD = 15 Hours

Each Tier Contains 6 Stages, both Tiers lead to Certification

The 6 Stages in Detail

STAGE 1: Pre-Learning

Preparation is the Key to Success

We believe in setting a solid foundation so you are prepared to dive into our live training, So, once you’ve chosen a training date, you’ll have immediate access to your own personalised OldPain2Go® Hub, which can be reached anytime and from anywhere.

Your Hub is your go-to-location, containing all the information and resources necessary for your journey to becoming a Certified OldPain2Go® Practitioner.

Within your hub you'll find our pre-learning materials that are designed to ensure you have the essential knowledge and insights to get the most our of your Live Training.

STAGE 2: Live Training

Learn at Your Pace

Our all-inclusive Training Course is designed to provide you with flexibility and convenience.

Whilst we are UK-based, we are committed to providing training worldwide to accommodate your time zone. While the majority of our training is conducted online to best serve our students, we occasionally host sessions in various locations worldwide to meet demand. Previous destinations have included Las Vegas, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Netherlands, London, Wales, York, and Lincolnshire.

In addition to the pre-learning materials and interactive live training, you'll also receive access to an extensive library of support videos and pre-recorded training sessions. These resources are conveniently divided into bite size videos to assist you in learning at your pace.


Witness the Pain Reset Moment

The practice element of OldPain2Go® training is crucial for mastering techniques to help individuals manage chronic pain.

This is the stage where the magic happens as you get to witness the transformative results for yourself, bolstering your confidence.

By applying theory to practical scenarios, you’ll gain the assurance needed to guide clients effectively, enabling them to take control over their pain and live a healthier future.


Nurturing Growth and Confidence

Your proficiency shines through during the assessment stage.

Submitting brief client case studies not only highlights any areas where we can offer support, but also validates your preparedness to advance confidently with the knowledge and skills you've acquired during your training.

This process ensures a comprehensive understanding and readiness for certification.


Certification and Recognition

Upon successful completion of each tier of our training program and assessment, you will be awarded with an OldPain2Go® and CPD Certificate.

This recognition not only signifies your proficiency of OldPain2Go® techniques but also acknowledges your dedication to refining your skills.

In addition to your certificate, you'll receive branding assets to establish you as a Certified OldPain2Go® Practitioner.

You can also enhance your professional profile globally by showcasing your photo and contact details on our OldPain2Go® Online Practitioners Map.


Continued Success Through Support

Our aftercare support provides a combination of community support, real-time guidance and extensive online resources, all aimed at ensuring your continued success and confidence in applying the newly acquired knowledge and skills to achieve transformative results.

Exclusive Practitioners Facebook Group: Access to a collaborative space to connect with fellow practitioners, ask questions, share achievements, and offer mutual support.

‘Ask Steven’ Live Sessions: Take advantage of monthly live sessions, providing you with the opportunity to interact directly with Steven, gain valuable insights and receive answers to your questions.

Online Hub: Access hundreds of hours of valuable support videos, including recordings of the full training sessions to watch at your convenience.

Support Team: Available over the phone or via email, we warmly welcome you.

The 6 Top Frequently ASKED Questions  (faq)

Q. Could I do harm with OldPain2Go® ?

Answer: OldPain2Go offers a safe and non-invasive approach. Unlike invasive procedures or pharmaceutical interventions that may carry risks or side effects, OldPain2Go is a talking therapy that does not involve any physical manipulation or invasive techniques. Through gentle conversation, it works with the individual's own mind-body connection to address pain at its source. This ensures that there is no risk of harm associated with the therapy, making it trusted and risk-free.

Q. How different is this from other techniques?

Answer: While numerous effective therapies exist, OldPain2Go® distinguishes itself through its innovative approach, which emphasises the mind-body connection to tackle chronic pain. OldPain2Go® seeks to pinpoint and address the underlying causes of pain.

By leveraging techniques grounded in neuroplasticity and cognitive-behavioural principles, this therapy empowers individuals to comprehend and reshape their perception of pain. Consequently, OldPain2Go® offers a sustainable solution that can deliver enduring relief without the necessity for continuous treatment or medication. This distinctive approach establishes OldPain2Go as a remarkable and effective alternative that does not require multiple sessions or the use of trance. - everyday language:

Q. Are there hidden costs??

Answer: When you invest in OldPain2Go training, rest assured that it's a one-time fee with no hidden costs or annual fees, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

This commitment to upfront transparency and affordable training highlights our dedication to providing accessible opportunities for all. It's simple: the more people who train, the more individuals we can liberate from the grips of chronic pain.

Q. What if I fail my assessment?

Answer: It’s not a test you can pass or fail. It’s are you ready there yet. And we will put in as much much time and effort to get you past the finish post.

The assessment stage of the OldPain2Go training is designed to gauge your readiness to confidently apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the training process. We aim to assess your progress rather than seeking perfection.

Any concerns you may have will be addressed and supported to ensure you are equipped to achieve transformative results. We believe in nurturing your growth and ensuring you feel prepared to utilize the techniques effectively in practice.

Q. Will Steven be conducting my training?

Answer: You will be trained by Steven Blake himself, the visionary creator of OldPain2Go®. With over two decades of experience as an educator since 1993, Steven's commitment to ongoing development ensures that you'll receive high value instruction.

His expertise and dedication shine through in the methodology he has crafted, which has positively impacted numerous lives through both client sessions and student training. Steven's unwavering dedication establishes his position as a respected leader in the field, inspiring confidence and trust in his teachings.

Q. When do I receive my CPD Certificates?

Answer: CPD certificates are issued following participation in either live online or in-person training sessions, this will allow you to claim your CPD hours even before submitting your mini case studies. 

Your OldPain2Go® Certificate will be sent on completion of each Tier immediately after successful assessment.

There are another 20 questions on the linked page.

All Inclusive Price Of Our CPD Accredited 2-Tier Certification Training Course, Including Lifetime Support:

£599 GBP

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$749 USD*

$ 1,025 CAD*

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