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Online Training to become an OldFat2Go® Practitioner. Only available to OldPain2Go® Practitioners

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Course Structure

Important Notice

This training is ONLY available to those already trained in OldPain2Go® as that covers the basis of the work and understanding behind how this works. You can find out more about becoming an OldPain2Go® Practitioner here

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Client Tracking Files

These are the Spreadsheets you can use to track the reduction in weight and other measurements for your clients.

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OldFat2Go® Support Practitioner – what can you offer?

A flexible client focused service of your own design.

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How do I promote OldFat2Go®?

It is expected that work should come from the OldFat2Go website and that those clients will have already purchased the OldFat2Go Self Help Discovery Sessions. You can also attract work directly.

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An Individual OldFat2Go® Fat Storage Review Session

If treated just like an OldPain2Go Pain Review Session, how would it go?

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OldFat2Go® From OldPain2Go®

You already know the basis for the work, here we look at the practicalities of using the Methodology specifically for Fat reduction.

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A Relaxation Session combining most of the learning

Steven takes you through a script that you can use, adapt or go freestyle with!

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Bonus Video - After work

An example of working with a client. Aniko, a fellow practitioner in OldPain2Go® and OldFat2Go®, wrote to say that she was actually putting weight on despite seeming to have absorbed all the lessons, and was eating less and exercising more. I offered a chat over Zoom and here is the outcome, finding a story, dealing with it and then being able to sort out other issues because the initial reason had now gone.

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Get Certified as an OldFat2Go® Support Practitioner

When you have completed your learning from both sections (the client self exploration lessons and the ones here) then you need to complete the Assessment (use the button at the bottom of the page)