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Chronic pain management and healing techniques. (0:00) Chronic pain treatment and its market potential. (2:32) Pain management and hypnotherapy techniques. (8:02) Pain management and psychology. (13:00) How pain is calculated and managed in the brain. (16:53) Pain management and hypnotherapy. (22:05) Unconscious mind and its role in therapy. (28:24) Consciousness, unconsciousness, and pain management. (33:47) Back pain management techniques and mindfulness. (39:13) Posture, anxiety, and self-confidence. (45:22) Using eye movements for emotional processing. (51:22) Hypnosis techniques for pain management. (57:14) Pain as an alarm system, acute pain, and its effects. (1:02:37) Pain management and the brain's response to pain. (1:09:06) Pain management and healing with a focus on fibromyalgia. (1:14:31) Pain and healing with medical examples. (1:19:50) Pain management and the role of the unconscious mind. (1:24:22)
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Marriage proposal and upcoming wedding. (0:01) Pain management in boxing and mental attitude. (1:32) Chronic pain and the brain's calculation for pain levels. (4:55) Removing splinters and dealing with pain. (11:14) Pain perception and emotional considerations. (15:11) Using hypnosis to alleviate pain in end-of-life care. (22:10) Emotional and physical pain, their differences, and how they're related. (27:21) Grief and physical pain. (30:03) Eye floaters and job application. (36:15) Chronic pain management and brain plasticity. (38:56) Brain plasticity and permanent neural pathway changes. (45:06) Chronic pain management using the brain's plasticity. (50:57) Language use and pain management. (53:31) Pain perception and its complexities. (58:59) A teenager's complex regional pain and family dynamics. (1:04:47) Childhood trauma and its impact on a family. (1:07:18) Trauma responses and chronic pain management. (1:12:58) Managing anxiety and chronic pain through therapy. (1:15:49) Depression, pain management, and the placebo effect. (1:22:06) Negative expectations and beliefs about health. (1:28:14) Conscious and unconscious mind. (1:30:48) Unconscious mind and pain management. (1:37:45)
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COVID-19, fear, and self-empowerment. (0:08) Self-awareness and control in life. (2:37) How childhood experiences shape our beliefs and behaviors. (9:15) Anxiety, depression, and unconscious programming. (12:51) Invisible illnesses and self-doubt. (18:54) Pain perception and its connection to brain function. (21:38) Pain assessment and perception. (26:22) Pain management and rehabilitation strategies. (29:58) Charging for pain management sessions. (34:49) Using NLP to help people with chronic pain. (37:20) A man's motorbike accident and subsequent recovery. (44:54) Using hypnosis to overcome objections. (48:46) Using NLP to help people overcome pain. (53:13) Using hypnosis to overcome pain and limiting beliefs. (56:22) Pain management techniques and anxiety. (1:02:39) Pain management and the role of fear, anxiety, and doubt. (1:09:41) Pain management and the power of the mind. (1:13:28) Unconscious mind and emotional healing. (1:20:50) Illness, pain, and grief. (1:24:46) Grief, arthritis, and therapy. (1:31:26) Alternative healing methods and body awareness. (1:34:25) Helping a woman with a deformed body. (1:40:46) Tension and posture, including a miraculous recovery. (1:43:47) Pain and its role in decision-making. (1:50:34) Pain, inflammation, and tension. (1:53:36) Misinterpreted medical procedure. (2:00:36) Pain management and assertiveness training. (2:04:09) Managing chronic fatigue through mindfulness and agreement. (2:10:19)
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Brain functions and simplicity in communication. (0:06) Simplifying complex pain relief techniques. (2:33) Trapped nerves and pain management. (8:38) Arthritis, pain, and calcium buildup. (14:59) Back pain and bodywork techniques. (18:17) Back pain and spine issues. (25:21) Exaggerated health concerns and emotional coping mechanisms. (31:09) Using language to overcome pain. (33:50) Using NLP to help clients change their perspective on pain. (39:54) Removing fear, anxiety, and doubt for pain relief. (45:58) Pain relief techniques using muscle relaxation and balance. (49:32) Using NLP to analyse body language for yes signals. (55:27) Using NLP to access unconscious mind. (1:00:53)
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Hypnosis techniques and unconscious responses. (0:00) Using hypnosis to manage pain. (5:44) Pain and its resolution with a group of people. (10:41) Relaxation techniques with a hypnotherapist. (16:20) Pain management and hypnotherapy. (21:04) Relaxation techniques for pain relief. (25:42) A support group for chronic pain management. (31:25) Hypnosis and weight loss with a certified practitioner. (36:09) Using the unconscious mind to manage pain. (41:41)