Find Someone Local - Map & List combined (remote sessions are also possible over Zoom or similar)

Instructions for use and terms of use

Using the location Search

1, One click auto fills in your location - or type it in the box to the left

2, Set the search radius - expand or shrink to suit markers found

3, Filter the search by: OldPain2Go® OldFat2Go® or OldStuff2LetGo®

4, Click Search and if needed zoom in or out.  Press Refresh to change search criteria.

Using List Below Map

Sessions can be available over Zoom so location may not be an issue

To find someone near to you please use the bar at the top to add your location. Then you can add a radius and it will zoom in to your location automatically. The person on the list has trained in one of Steven's methodology he has no way of monitoring their effectiveness or current skill level. An annual check of their contact data is carried out and, if not up to date, the entry is removed . This list will not reflect everyone trained.

Terms Of Use

Only use this list only if you accept the following;

These are all individuals who trained in in one or more of Steven Blake's methodologies and are Independent therapists, or businesses.

They DO NOT work for oldPain2Go® and any work you do together is a contract solely between the two of you.

They do not register clients with OldPain2Go® Ltd nor do we receive any payment from your transaction with them. 

We do NOT accept responsibility for the work of these individuals, as we do not have any way of assessing their current abilities.

Key to Marker Colour and Movement

A "Bouncing" Pin represents someone who has been awarded Master Practitioner Status for OldPain2Go®