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Refresh & Advance: We have a commitment to nurturing success through support and understand many of you will want to have the in-depth learning from the new Tier 2 Advanced Training. So we have designed a course specifically for those already trained to take the Tier 2 Advanced with a dedicated Refresh on Tier 1.

Steven has organized four special events for the Refresh training: a three-hour evening session (choose from one of the four available dates and time zones) designed to update your existing knowledge and introduce you to the latest insights and techniques, including a simplified method for understanding and explaining chronic pain. The next two clients you assist will become brief case studies for submission, allowing us to provide any necessary support and help to build your confidence. Afterward, you'll gain access to the new Tier 2 Training, which includes four hours of pre-recorded online learning at your own pace, plus a live online evening event dedicated to practicing and honing your new skills. Complete two more brief case studies to earn your Advanced Certificate.

This limited time, all inclusive, Refresh & Advance offer is priced at £140.

(Please note Tiers: 1 and 2 costs £599 for new trainees)

Please note that it is unlikely that this offer/events will be repeated.

Practitioner Refresh Live Training is 3 hours on a Wednesday

(The Advance Tier 2 Training is included in the price and Booked separately later)

Our booking calendar features a highlighted event from 18:30 to 21:30 on a Wednesday for a specified time zone. To accommodate global participants, we’ve included corresponding times for three additional time zones. Choose the date and time that best suits you. Each listed city adjusts for daylight saving time, representing its entire time zone.

"I get up early or stay up late so you don't have to."

Colour Coded Time Zones and their local time for each Training Date

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Training created so that people from all walks of life can unite with a shared passion:

Liberating People from the Grips of Chronic Pain.