The Concept of OldFat2Go

The unconscious mind has the answer to most of our problem issues, in that it runs all our automated programs including the survival ones. If a program is no longer helpful to us - such as storing excess body fat we don't need, then all the actions we take, such as diet or exercise only help us whilst we have the will power to defeat our usual habits and cravings, and as soon as we stop we go back to those old programs (habits). The easiest way to make long term changes is to get the unconscious to help us identify what is best for us and override or delete the old, unhelpful programs. These sessions comprise of a series of self awareness lessons designed to affect your unconscious to help it implement better programs suited to the outcome you want.


Once you have watched all the materials, should you want additional external support you have the opportunity to see an OldFat2Go® trained Practitioner of your choice to clear up any blockages to incorporating the new programs you are installing (you pay them directly for that service and have as many or few support sessions as you wish). 


If you have already purchased the training materials then just carry on to the next lesson. If you have not then thank you for checking out these sessions I hope they have been of value to you. If you wish to see the rest then please click the green button to make a purchase. Thank You.

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