Understanding Pain

By Steven

April 7, 2017

Been in pain for a long time? Would you like to be free of it? It is likely that you can be, in fact the longer you have had the pain the easier it is to remove it – let me explain. New Pain is necessary for survival, it makes you take your hand off a hot stove, or stop using a limb with a broken bone. The Pain is appropriate for the damage, a small cut hurts a bit, but a broken arm will be very painful and make an urgency to get it fixed. Once the damaged area has been attended to and the appropriate action taken the pain goes away! But not always…..

You see pain isn’t what it seems. Pain always appears to be at the very place the damage is, it has to be that way so that we look in the right place. And yet pain is really a message that is created in the head and transmitted to the damaged area, both chemically and electrically. It is created following a lot of messages flowing back and forth in the body, the cells report in about the damage and then all the information gathering goes on including the visuals (does it look bad?) and the memory (what happened last time?). Even how you feel about the incident will affect the pain level, if you feel someone hurt you intentionally the pain is stronger and lasts longer than if they hurt you accidentally and apologised profusely.

Pain is really a complex mixture of all the senses focusing on trying to help and repair by focusing on an area that needs the most help. Pain forces us to tense up to protect the area and then inflammation is provided to help heal. Whilst pain stays, so does the inflammation, which then does more damage than good.

At some point, the pain should stop! The message has been heard and acted on, suitable medical attention has been had and you now are either told there is nothing they can find wrong with you or that the pain will continue because of the damage done and the best that can be done is pain relief! If that is where you are now, then that is the very pain that can be released from. Why? Because the Pain Message is no longer required – it has done its job. You are aware of the damage so continuing to give you pain is totally redundant and unnecessary.

Even with degenerative conditions, the pain is unhelpful because it masks that area with the Old Pain making it difficult to distinguish any further deterioration or new damage. With Arthritis for instance, why do you need the pain to remind you of the difficulties of movement – you don’t, and often it is also visibly reinforced that you have a problem (wrists locked up etc.).

Pain killers become less effective over time, in fact, if the body feels it needs pain it will fight the drugs that try to stop the message getting through. So the pain intensifies and spreads and the drugs become ever less effective whilst also causing the other problems associated with drug taking. The brain is the transmitter for these messages and the area where pain appears is the receiver. Drugs are designed not to turn off the message but to give it contradictory messages to block or interfere with the pain message getting through. How stupid is that – when you compare it with just asking the the operator to stop transmitting that old message!


So, what is the answer? OldPain2Go® works by bargaining with the unconscious mind, which operates all the body’s systems.  Quite simply we ask it, that unless there is a reason to keep the pain, to erase that Old Pain Message. Once we have given the unconscious enough to convince it to remove the Old Pain Message it does so, usually – INSTANTLY (it may be a few minutes before the full effect is felt).

We understand who would not be a good candidate for the OldPain2Go® system. Quite frankly that is: anyone who has more reasons to keep the pain than to lose it! We cannot help the people who love to moan that no one can help them! Or those that have had a life being a “Misery Guts” because they just won’t allow the healing.

Who we can help: anyone who really would improve their life by being pain free. You don’t have to believe it will work. All you need is to want it to work, most clients are sceptical, before, during and even after several months of being pain free! Because this treatment is way outside most peoples belief system, it does seem like being Pain free is an illusion and yet pain itself is the illusion, all we do is remove that terrible all consuming, life destroying illusion.

No trance, no physical manipulation, just a conscious discussion with you that your unconscious listens in on – it really is as simple as that. And by the way, you reading this has meant your unconscious also absorbed it, so I’m asking it to get you to pick up the phone and find out more about being pain free – no obligation. So unless you are a Misery Guts get dialling!

Love always, Steven 01526 832 563


About the author

Steven is the creator of OldPain2Go® based on #BrainBargaining and The Blake Methodology. He has also created OldFat2Go® and OldStuff2LetGo, AutoREM, AutoSomatics and a Therapeutic technique called the Canvas.

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