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A Brief Summary of Steven & His Work

OldPain2Go Creator Steven Blake

I was born at an early age - so was my sense of humour! I have had a very varied life, from leaving school with no qualifications to gaining a Masters degree at the age of 44. A year later I won a National Training Award for individual achievement. Whilst school wasn't great for me I have spent all the rest of my life studying, looking for how to make things better. In 2011 I finally managed to fulfil a lifelong ambition and trained as a hypnotherapist and became an NLP Master Practitioner. I learned a technique to remove pain and ended 40 years of my own suffering of severe back problems and have been pain-free ever since.  Life is so much better without pain and so I went on to develop a technique and methodology to help others out of pain, I ran FREE pain clinics and developed my skills and technique. In November 2015 I trained the first 5 Practitioners in OldPain2Go®. To date (April 2019) I have over 890 Practitioners that have arrived without any paid marketing push. OldPain2Go is now worldwide and I have returned from a tour of Australia in August. My mission is to help as many people as possible in the world out of pain - and we have certainly made a great start. So welcome here, How can I help you contribute to that?

Interview by Jason Linett

Jason Linett Interviews Steven Blake about OldPain2Go

I had the great privilege to be Interviewed by Jason Linett for his range of podcasts. Please listen Here.

Interview Contents

  • Steven’s hypnotic journey
  • Specific hypnotic themes that stuck with him from childhood through adulthood
  • Types of pain he deals with in his clients
  • The significance of observing the little clues from his patients
  • Why he doesn’t use big and technical words when he trains people
  • Why status quo is not a great place to be
  • Two aspects of the mind and their jobs
  • What the concept #BrainBargaining is about
  • Why you need to break the old pain to recognise new ones
  • How to enter your client’s unconscious
  • How to present hypnosis to others
  • The importance of pre-talk in client sessions
  • >