Training with Steven

Steven wants to make it easy for you to learn OldPain2Go, so that you help him on his mission to help as many people as possible to become free of pain. Several ways to get trained; Live training at a venue, Zoom training to suit UK 9:00 start times, or Zoom for start times to suit other time Zones (Steven stays up late or gets up early so your group doesn't have to). You can even have personal 1 to 1 training if you wish, see how to arrange that here. If there isn't a payment button for what you want, you can discuss it with Steven.

It's not just a certificate for you, there is incredible back up and support from Steven. Loads of free access to materials including at least 3 versions of a full days training on video, access it whenever you want after training. A Facebook group to meet and ask questions, as well as share your success stories. A series of support videos (around 300 available - over 100 hours worth of viewing) covering many topics that help you become a great therapist and run a successful business, helping others out of pain.

Allow up to 8 hours for Training with Steven: time does vary with group dynamics

To find if the start time is suitable for your time zone see the map below and add or remove the hours shown at the top of your time band from the selected start time. For accuracy check with SavyTime (use the provided link below) . The UK is GMT in the winter and BST in the summer, so please use whichever zone is stated in the table.

Planned OldPain2Go® Training Dates with Steven Blake
DateBooking LinkLive or ZoomUK Start TimeDay
1st Oct 2023Booking Link - £399Zoom9:00 BSTSunday
22nd Oct 2023Booking Link - £399Zoom9:00 BSTSunday
19th Nov 2023Booking Link - £399Zoom9:00 GMTSunday
3rd Dec 2023Booking Link - £399Zoom9:00 GMTSunday
21st Jan 2024Booking Link - £399Zoom9:00 GMTSunday

SavyTime link for checking your time zone against a BST or GMT start time (summer/winter adjustments).

Zoom Training.

You can train in the comfort of your own home, either individually or at the same time as others using Zoom. Select from the table of planned events or arrange one of your own to suit a group or time zone.

  • Zoom is similar to Skype and usually has better quality and consistent connections. 
  • Training length varies to suit Trainees but is typically about 8 hours.
  • A Training Pack will be sent to you shortly after payment so that you can print it out in advance (Refunds cannot be given once materials are sent, we can reschedule you for a later event if necessary).
  • A link will be sent to a full video of a client having a successful treatment for Fibromyalgia. It lasts 50 minutes and covers everything from them entering to leaving.  It would be beneficial to see it in advance if you have the time.
  • Typically a Zoom Session can be arranged within 10 days. You can pay and then arrange or arrange and then pay.
  • A Closed Facebook Group will become available to you after training and this will contain all the latest training material and videos with the regular updates (subject to agreed conditions).
  • Zoom training can be individual or you can have others join and then this is a lower rate for you all.
  • You will receive all the same benefits as anyone training in a live event session.
  • You will receive your certificate electronically

Remove Excess Fat

You can train in OldFat2Go® ONLY after training in OldPain2Go. This is because OldPain2Go® training forms the basis for the therapy. You can find out more after your training when we will give you the links if you wish to add this to your toolbox of abilities to help others.

Remove Outdated Emotional Programs

OldStuff2LetGo® will be launched as soon as it is ready. It is Steven's training for those who already have the skills and ability to help people get free of anxiety and similar issues. Based on Steven's 12 years of helping over 8,000 people individually escape emotional pain, each in just one breakthrough session of several hours. This is the master class to becoming efficient and effective for your clients, using unique methods with ease and simplicity. Please write to Steven if you wish to be advised when it is ready. Email

Please have a good look around, satisfy your curiosity and then take action. We don't chase you, so make contact with the right person and get the ball rolling!