Welcome to individual video feedback from clients who have had a Pain Review Session, or short Demonstration with a Practitioner trained in OldPain2Go®.

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Over 150 Videos to chose from! Submitted by various Practitioners. 

These are, in their own words, the individual perceptions of people who took the time to provide us with their feedback and gave permission for us to show them. OldPain2Go® sessions are only available to people diagnosed by a medical professional for that issue. We do not diagnose, only help you, to help yourself, with self-healing. The outcomes are only indicative of that individual in that session.

OldPain2Go® is way of someone dealing with their own pain, so whilst a whole range of pain issues are covered here, what the pain issue was is irrelevant, as it is only applicable to the individual working on themselves. The short sessions are from free demonstrations at events and are not indicative of the time taken with paying clients where a more in depth discussion takes place.