Client Feedback Videos

Welcome to video feedback from clients who have had a session with an OldPain2Go® Practitioner.

These are individual results of people who took the time to provide us with their feedback and gave permission for us to show them. OldPain2Go® sessions are only available to people diagnosed by a medical professional who has confirmed that pain removal or reduction is a safe option. We do not diagnose, only help you to help yourself with self-healing. Results are only indicative of that individual in that session.

A whole range of pain removal issues are covered here. From Arthritis, Car accident Injuries and back issues, through to the more complex issues such as Fibromyalgia, C.F.S. and ME.. The short sessions are from Demonstrations at events and are not indicative of the time taken with paying clients where a more in depth consultation takes place. Videos are in the order of most recent at the top.

New Videos added regularly!

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"I'm absolutely blown away by the results!"

"It's just amazing & it changes your life!"

"I still can't believe it, it's amazing!"

"I can even pick my Granddaughter up now!"

"I still can't believe it now!"

"7 years Pain-Free!"

"I can't believe it.... I'm overwhelmed!"

"That pain managed to totally disappear!"

"This technique is like magic!"

"I was on morphine twice a day... now zero!"

"I've stood up and the pain's gone!"

"It was a 9, now it's gone!"

"I can do anything now I want!"

"Six and a half out of 10 pain, now zero!"

"Car crash shoulder pain, 3 to a zero!"

"I could recommend this to everybody!"

"The results were immediate!"

"I was free of the pain!"

"I'm not in pain anymore!"

"Much more movement as well!"

"I could feel an energy!"

"It just went!"

"Zero... There's no pain at all!"

"I found the experience very enlightening!"

"That is just unbelievable!"

"I'm really impressed"

"Whatever you did, it worked!"

"He worked miracles!"

"Go for it, It will change your life!"

"I was really shocked!"


"A lovely Feeling!"

"Relieved that I've done it!"

"My shoulders, no pain in them at all!"

"Skeptical at first, but I think it's fantastic!"

"From 10 to Zero!"

"The pain went straight away!"

"My pain has amazingly gone!"

"It has worked perfect!"

"I feel so much freer and lighter!"

"Really astounding for me!"

"I'm not on pain medication anymore!"

"I don't quite believe it yet!"

"I'm lost for words!"

"No pain at all - Zero!"

"It's so inexplicable!"

"Nothing - it's gone!"

"I can't feel any pain!"

"Really good!"

"Very good!"

"Very Good!"

"A lot freer!"

"It's just like magic!"

"Incredible, Amazing!"