October 9

A Pain Review Session with Steven

By Steven

October 9, 2023

Physical Pain Review Session (OldPain2Go®) with Steven Blake

Sorry, I currently no longer provide Emotional Pain Review Sessions (Anxiety Removal).

Explanation of how I work:

During our session, my goal is to gain an understanding of not only your problematic issues but also the underlying reasons why they occur. In order for me to assist you effectively, it is imperative that you are transparent, forthright, and have a genuine desire to overcome the problem. Through my explanation of how the mind and body work together, I will share relevant real-life examples that will not only provide you with a conscious understanding but also a profound level of comprehension.

Please allow me to clarify my approach. Unlike a friend who lends a listening ear, my role is to assist you in swiftly finding resolutions to your challenges. Our time together is valuable, and I aim to make the most of it. While I'll attentively listen to your narrative, I'll also be attuned to your reactions. However, I'll focus on gathering the essential details rather than either of us being overwhelmed with unnecessary information. Clarity is key.

My interaction with you will involve more dialogue from me than you. As your guide, I'll not only provide insights into both your conscious and unconscious mind, but I'll also share anecdotes from my extensive experience of aiding others. These stories serve to catalyse recognition and change within you, shedding light on obstacles that may be holding you back. By acknowledging these barriers, we can address and overcome them together.

Once the unconscious and conscious aspects of your mind are in agreement regarding the new perspective on the issues, a transformational change can occur. This deep level of clarity often leads to a permanent alteration of the problematic program, and in many cases, the old program may no longer run at all. This change is usually immediate, and my work is intended to be completed in a single session of appropriate length. If I am unable to assist you in a session, we can conclude that further sessions may not be beneficial.

If your nature is to catastrophise almost all situations then it is unlikely I will be a great match for your needs. Please make me aware of this before booking.

I have ceased with anxiety removal sessions but can recommend someone.

I cannot Guarantee a result, this is a collaboration of us working together. It is similar to the TV show where the client brings a few raw ingredients in a bag and the Chef has to cook a meal out of whatever they are given, without knowing in advance what the ingredients are.

Help with Physical Pain

You must have been medically assessed and either told there is nothing more can be done, nothing can be found, been advised to take pain relief medication, or are being prescribed it. One OldPain2Go® session of up to one one and a half hours is usually sufficient to achieve the desired result. 

Contact Steven: support@stevenblake.uk07593 687 506 (UK)

Pain Review Session £240

Physical Pain issues: Between half an hour and up to one and a half hours.

Please ensure your Email address is accurate - we will use it to set up your session with you - Typically within 7 days of payment

Open Price - Type in agreed sum

A service planned around your specific wants, whether it be a one off, or ongoing. Please discuss with Steven and then click the button to add in our agreed price.

Sculpture by Johnny Hawkes of Pewsey

If in doubt, and before paying, you can speak with Steven and ask anything you need to know about the session. You can send an email to set up a call.

Sessions are over Zoom or in my Consulting room in Lincoln (UK).

These are not repeat sessions, the intention is to find the cause/reason that the problematic program has stayed and then eliminate it, not just regular symptom management. if you wish to compare a session with Steven for monetary value to the regular amount you pay for temporary relief (that so far hasn't resolved your issue), then please use the calculator to assess the comparative value for money.

Prior treatments costs to date

Number of sessions:
Pounds per session:

£ spent so far:

Sessions are in person at the Lincoln (UK) Consultation Room or over Zoom from anywhere in the world.

Unable to afford a treatment you want? Occasionally we do have  Fully Subsidised Treatments (FREE) For Physical Pain Only. This is in a training setting and observed by others - Click here for more information.


About the author

Steven is the creator of OldPain2Go® based on #BrainBargaining and The Blake Methodology. He has also created OldFat2Go® and OldStuff2LetGo, AutoREM, AutoSomatics and a Therapeutic technique called the Canvas.

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