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Coming Soon - Old emotional baggage runs as an automated program that interferes with our current life. It needn't do. It can be really difficult to shake this off on your own, so seek the help of an OldPain2Go® Practitioner who is trained in OldStuff2LetGo. Their support combined with your new learning can help you be the you that you want to be.

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Basic Principles of How You Function

You must start the journey here. These are the foundations.

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Watch Your Language!

Not just what we say out loud. What we say internally and what we think we hear others say is the creator of our life quality.

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The Tale of the Magnetic Shield

Just listen and enjoy.

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The Canvas

A process for gaining a perspective on past, present and future!

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Understanding and Increasing Your Self Worth

100% You + 2 other techniques

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Throwing the Bad Stuff Away

No need to know what it is, get rid.

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Using AutoREM to lessen the feelings

A technique so simple in only take a minute or two to do.

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Dialling Down the Feeling

A simple technique that you can do yourself.


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Understanding your Unconscious Mind

Tapping into the part of you that is really clever.

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Selecting a Therapist

Let your gut help you decide. 

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Understanding What You Can Control

A lot of our issues stem from a missunderstanding of control of self and control of others.

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Who's to Blame!

Blame traps us into a way of thinking.

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Asking for the Answer

We sometimes get so trapped in the why that we are not looking for the solution.