Our Home and Consulting Room

How to find us, and places to park.

Welcome to Trudy and Steven's home and consulting room. We are both therapists, so when the other is also at home they will not intrude on your privacy.

8 Hall Drive, Lincoln LN6 7SG is close to the city and yet only a short distance to countryside and parks. With it being our home, it does not have a purpose built disability toilet with wheelchair access. However, we have designed our home to be access friendly, with all flooring and entrances being on the same level, without steps, and all internal doors are wider than normal. The majority of our treatments are carried out over Zoom, so if access would be an issue, we can still help you.

Should it be advantageous for you to park close-by, please let us know in advance and we will ensure there is a space on the driveway.

1, Our Home and Consulting Room. 8 Hall Drive, Lincoln LN6 7SG

2, Lincoln Central Railway Station, Taxi Rank & nearby Bus Station. A 10 minute drive, or a 30 minute walk.

3, Free car park at Boultham Park, a 5 minute walk away.