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In London, in 2020, you can train as an OldPain2Go® Practitioner with the creator, Steven Blake

OldPain2Go Training London - Judd Street, near Kings Cross


Due to the current imposed protection measures of the pandemic these training events will now be held on those dates and will be by ZOOM - NOT at the hotel.

As soon as the protection measures allow they will revert to being at the venue.

For Zoom training you need a computer or phone or tablet with webcam and microphone. A link will be sent to you, there is no need to download anything in advance on a computer, with a phone or tablet you need to download, in advance, an app called Zoom Cloud Meetings.

Venue: The Space Centre, 92-94 Judd Street, London, WC1H 9NT, UK

Close to Kings Cross Station

Next Date

26th July 2020
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Hi, I am Steven Blake the creator of OldPain2Go® and my mission is to get as many people as possible out of pain. Would you like to join me? My partner Trudy and I have arranged to come to London so that you don't have to travel so far to me, and that overseas visitors get good travel links to the venue. We have managed to get a Training Venue very close to Kings Cross Rail Station - so very accesible for all.

The training is just one packed day of learning, not just the technique, also the methodology and understanding of the whole concept of physical pain removal. This is stand alone training, you do not need any other therapy background for dealing with physical pain. Those of you who are currently therapists will easily map it across to their other work of dealing with emotional pain. Be aware OldPain2Go® is likely to change how you work with clients, it simplifies and speeds up the processes as well as melting away client-practitioner barriers.

We thank all of you who made this event possible by committing early.

So what do you learn?

1. How to instantly overcome any client/therapist barrier.
2. The Fastest EVER way directly into any client’s unconscious (less than 2 seconds).
3. How to work with the unconscious – without requiring any trance.
4. The concept of BrainBargainingTM, how to win over the unconscious with logic.
5. How to reset the safety system.
6. How to get the client to do all the work!
7. How to act as a mind negotiator and translator.
8. Understand the 5 ways of programming, including creativity.
9. Detective work made simple, finding and dealing with the 2 stories (metaphors).
10. Getting direct to the answer.
11. Asking the unconscious what it thinks.
12. Ideomotor responses – getting that first yes, then subsequent ones.
13. Instant Pain Removal.
14. Removal of Tension and Inflammation.
15. How to help free clients from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.).
16. How to release trapped nerves.

OldPain2Go® Analysis of 216 Feedback Forms

OldPain2Go® Analysis of 216 Feedback Forms


Need to know anything else before deciding? Please have a look around the website and if you still need anything answering feel free to email me - Email:

Please note payments can be by PayPal or Card (using the greyed box on the PayPal link sign in page).

Some methods of accessing the payment process may be problematic, particularly iPhone's.  Using a desktop or laptop overcomes this, as does changing the web browser. If you have made several attempts with no luck then you can make a PayPal payment to

The payment link will be removed 2 days before the event - OR - before, if all places are taken.

26th July 2020 (Sunday) - £399 GBP

13th Sept 2020 (Sunday) - £399 GBP

15th Nov 2020 (Sunday) - £399 GBP

Trudy and I look forward to meeting you.

Please have a good look around, satisfy your curiosity and then take action. We don't chase you, so make contact with the right person and get the ball rolling!