Time to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

Steven 15 years ago

Both photos are Steven in 2007

Changing your own mind to change your own body!

Has Dieting Provided a Long Term Solution for You?

Has your life been like mine, dieting, losing weight, gradually putting it all back on, plus an extra pound, and then starting again. Have you noticed that using the same diet lessens its effectiveness? It works well the first time, not so good the 2nd and usually fails miserably the third time.

Get Some Self-Help Self-Therapy!

When I trained as a therapist, I realised that getting and staying slim had so little to do with just calories. I also recognised that helping other people helped me absorb the learning I needed for my own life. Most of my therapy sessions involve helping people help themselves. Not just through education, also through having them access that part of them that runs all the habits (programs) and letting go of all those thoughts, ideas, beliefs and programs that no longer serve them.

What Does OldFat2Go® Offer That is Different?

A whole new way of understanding yourself at a deep level and becoming what you want to be. Find out why you have felt driven to do things you knew you shouldn't, and how you can simply and easily let go of those old programs. Fat isn't intended to be a nuisance, it is simply a protective layer. Calories in verses calories out only explains the superficial aspect of storing fat.  If you, like me, have dieted often, it lowers the metabolic rate of the body. Which in simple terms means, your body turns into a fat storage machine, conserving energy for those times when food intake will be in short supply. If we eat a lot of processed food then that changes our ability to convert the food into energy. Our beliefs, thoughts and ideas also form programs that interfere with the natural ability of the body to control intake, conversion and extraction of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs. Diets DO NOT deal with this, nor do gastric bands. For long term results you can maintain, you need to sort out your automated programs! You change your mind to alter your behaviour not the slow, and hard process of changing your behaviour to change your mind.

What it Isn't

  • It is Not a Diet
  • It is Not an Exercise Regime
  • It is Not a Repetitive Installation Method 
  • It is Not a, change the Behaviour, to change the mind Method 
  • There is No Trance Required
  • There are No Pills, Potions or unneeded extras
  • It is Not an App
  • There are No Monthly Fees

What it Covers

  • Converting unhelpful programs (habits) into healthy programs
  • Why regular dieting makes us store fat, and how to change that
  • A simple way of checking out the reality of hunger signals
  • Why changing the mind to change the behaviour is the better way round
  • Understanding how small the stomach really is
  • Understanding food is energy and why we need the right fuel
  • A whole different concept to having to carry excess fat and water in the body
  • Overcoming outside interference
  • Developing self-worth
  • Overcoming defensive reasons to store fat
  • Choosing the right body for you - one that is achievable and can be maintained
  • The body selecting the right food choices
  • Overcoming the effect of guilt
  • Really enjoying what you do eat - taking pleasure from food
  • Exercise is just movement, finding enjoyable way to move more
  • Self-talk, the power of our internal language, moving it from unhelpful to empowering
  • Taking back control

Online Self Exploratory Sessions

You get over 4 hours of Video, Audio and Reading material. Steven takes you through his wealth of learning from helping thousands of people overcome their major obstacles in life, including 8 years helping people remove excess fat and 10 years helping people remove physical and emotional pain from their life. There are 25 lessons of varying lengths so you can help yourself in short bursts across a time span to suit you or simply spend half a day to complete the whole thing. You are working with someone who really cares and you are dealing with a small business, just Steven and his partner, Trudy. Everything is made simple and easy to understand and it includes a self programming relaxed session where all the learning from all the session concludes and is passed over to the automated part of you that runs the programs. Allowing it to let go of those old programs that no longer serve you and start new more helpful programs it will automate for you. All you need is to decide what you want and that decision drives the process internally.


We cannot promise any specific outcome - it will be as individual as you are. If you want to speed up your results you can use a formal diet or cleansing routine in conjunction with the program, or just accept the natural speed of the impact of the changes on their own. This program has only just been finalised (Jan 2021) so client results from OldFat2Go® are not available to show yet. Steven is a highly effective therapist known worldwide for OldPain2Go®, a revolutionary way of helping people be free of Chronic pain, and OldFat2Go® works on the same process of having the automated programs reset, updated or removed.

OldFat2Go® Support Practitioners

For many of you the OldFat2Go® program on its own will be all you need to get the results you decide. Some will seek out extra individual help or support that isn't possible just training online. Steven is training OldFat2Go® Support Practitioners from the 1,621 Certified OldPain2Go® Practitioners. This will ensure support for you from people who already have skills and experience in how the methodology works - people who can hit the ground running. You can select the right one to help you and they will offer a variety of ways to help and support to meet your needs from a one off session to regular coaching, if that is what you want. You contract with them and pay them directly for the service they offer. They are not employed by OldFat2Go®, they are all trained in it, as well as OldPain2Go®.

See for yourself before committing to anything!

What you see is what you get with Steven, If you like things explained simply, openly and with a somewhat matter of fact way, then this is for you. You can see the first 2 sessions for free and then decide. We want people who are committed to a result and chose it without any external pressure. Therefore, we don't collect your contact details or chase you. Free really is free and free of any hassle, you choose only when you are ready - because that way you are in the right frame of mind to get the results. See what you think, and if you like what you see, then you will be offered the opportunity to purchase the full program, at the end of session 2. It's a one off fee and covers all 25 lessons including an easy to use spreadsheet to track your progress.


OldFat2Go® List of Client lessons and Contents.

  1. Introduction to OldFat2Go: Not a diet! A revolutionary way of naturally getting to the size/weight that is best for you, and that you can maintain without continuous massive conscious effort.
  2. The Concept of OldFat2Go: OldFat2Go is based on Steven's expertise in talking directly to the unconscious mind without needing a trance. He originally created OldPain2Go, a method of asking the body to stop sending out unnecessary pain messages, which is used by over a 1,300 Practitioners Worldwide and includes Doctors, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Hypnotherapist and Multi disciplinary therapist including Bowen Practitioners. The additional support you can purchase (if you feel you need it) will come from someone who originally trained in OldPain2Go as they have a firm grasp of the concept of BrainBargaining and story resolution, which is at the heart of all Stevens work.
  3. Why You Have Tried Everything: Steven explains why diets rarely work, and yet we keep doing them, getting temporary results.
  4. The Fat Controller: We discuss here the reasons for fat storage. It goes way beyond just calories in being more than calories used.
  5. The 5 Bodies Theory: Steven developed this theory to explain why diets only usually work as a temporary fix. The true answer lies in the way we think.
  6. Can’t Weight to Balance: Most of us Yo-Yo diet. Steven explains why, and how we can get ourselves back into balance.
  7. Genes make you fat, or Jeans make you look fat?: The latest thinking and science shows that our genetic programming is simply a tendency towards our originating programs (from both parents). But nothing is fixed and we can make changes that alter the structure of our DNA.
  8. Why being Male or Female makes a difference to fat storage: Hormonal differences lead to fat storage being in different places and our survival system ensure some of that storage is used up last so as to be available in certain emergencies.
  9. Fat the Protector: Steven explains why Fat protects us, and the role of water in helping us remove the excess fat.
  10. Mind De-Clutter: From Steven's experiences of helping many people it was rare to find that there wasn't an emotional issue behind storing excess fat. Steven explains why and what you can do to de-clutter that emotional baggage.
  11. Learning from people who stay thin: Steven regularly asked people who are thin was this naturally how they are, or did they have to work at it. The answers were quite eye opening.
  12. Not Trying to Sleep: Lacking sleep is a big factor in fat storage. Steven explains why Trying to sleep is the opposite of helpful.
  13. Assertiveness – the deciding factor!: You may have noticed that you get more offers of "treats" when you say you are on a diet. Steven explains how and why other people will take you away from your goals, and how to stop it happening. Learning assertiveness will help you resist - easily.
  14. Waste or Waist?: Most of us are programmed to clear our plate. Steven explains how we can overcome these old programs that trap us in sending fat to our waist instead of our waste bin.
  15. Food – It’s only fuel!: We are driven by our survival system to do things that make us survive. We naturally go towards things that are necessities to live and are repelled by things that do us harm. Modern methods of food production often confuse us which is which.
  16. Junk Food – designed to make you hungry! Quantity is not what turns the hunger off. Steven explains why Junk food is a vicious circle of consumption.
  17. Eat slower and feel satisfied: The speed we eat at is a major factor in overeating. Steven explains why and how to eat to get results.
  18. Greedy or needy?: Eating more than you should in one sitting is rarely about food! Steven explains what we can do instead to satisfy ourselves.
  19. Alcohol - the effects: Alcohol can have a role in our life even at low levels. We discuss the effects on the body so that you can make informed choices.
  20. Self-Image: What we think about how we look is rarely shared by others! We tend to be very self-critical, and we can learn to love and care for ourselves without feeling guilty about it.
  21. What’s the Story?: It could be just that you take in more calories than you use up, but is that the "real" reason. The Story is the key!
  22. Negatives turned into Positives: The hand flip technique. To help you convert negative repetitive thoughts into a positive instruction for the Unconscious to help you with.
  23. AutoREM - the Emotional Balance Technique: A simple, quick and easy way to reduce the emotion of anything where it isn't appropriate.
  24. Self Re-Programming: This is the last part of this self discovery system. Please do this ONLY after completing all the previous sessions as it consolidates all the learning and refers to your earlier studies.
  25. Monitor your Progress: Your Excel Spreadsheet for Monitoring Weight, Measurements and BMI.

People are already trained and a further ones are currently in various stages of Training to be OldFat2Go® Support Practitioners. All are experienced OldPain2Go® Practitioners, so are already experienced in working with the Blake Methodology and #BrainBargaining, the basis of all effective therapy. Practitioners who wish to be on the map will be added after satisfactory completion of the course and the assessment.