Trainee and Volunteer!

By StevenBlakemba | Uncategorized

Apr 05

This is Lyn who did have a fur allergy! She booked on one of my OldPain2Go® training courses as a trainee. The event was hosted by Karen who had a dog and we only became aware of the problem when Lyn kept choking and held a scarf over her mouth. So I ask her about her allergy and found she had it since childhood. Whilst she loves animals, since that early age she could not have them or be near them. We find out the original reason for her problem and ten minutes later her unconscious has agreed to turn the allergy program off – and it does. A few minutes later she is stroking Karen’s dog with no bad effect. This picture is one of her now, two months later, working with horses, something she would have always loved to have done and now she can, thanks to one OldPain2Go® session!


About the Author

Steven is the creator of #OldPain2Go based on #BrainBargaining and The Blake Methodology. His mission is to get as many people as possible throughout the world, out of the misery of Old unnecessary Pain.