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When people train in OldPain2Go® they typically work on a Volunteer at the end of the training.  We offer this service free of charge to people who volunteer.  The Volunteer gets a chance to be pain free for free and the Trainee gets chance to try out their new skills under the supervision of a Trainer.  The Trainer may also demonstrate on a Volunteer early on in the training.  The Trainer will need to assess which category you would best fit. To be a volunteer you must have been diagnosed by a medical practitioner who has advised or prescribed pain relief.

There are two types of Volunteers

#1, Straight forward issues, such as arthritis, back pain, old injuries.  These will be worked on by the Trainee (One Volunteer for each Trainee at the event)

#2, More complex issues that may include things like Fibromyalgia.  These will be worked on by the Trainer (Only one Volunteer per training event)

Volunteers are assessed to determine that they are suitable for a trainee to work on and likely to result in being Pain free.  This can ONLY be done by talking to the Trainer, you must call them to discuss your pain issues.  Written messages are not a suitable way to assess you.  Training done over Skype may require the Trainee to provide the Volunteer in which case please go back and organise with the Trainee who sent you here.

What to expect as a Volunteer

This is a fantastic opportunity, please ensure you keep your appointment or you rob someone else of that opportunity to be pain free. If you have any issues that may interfere with you ability to attend – such as being on call for work, you must tell the organiser.  It won’t stop you from being given the opportunity and may result in you having an opportunity on standby.

Do NOT contact OldPain2Go®Only the Organiser/Trainer (or trainee if for Skype training) and you must TALK to them, not just message.

All OldPain2Go® Practitioners and Trainers are independent traders, they DO NOT work for OldPain2Go®, they use the methodology. You must contact the organiser of the training event directly and only speaking to them will result in being given a place. You cannot be assessed through messages.  Before calling please consider any reason why being pain free may not be good for you and if so discuss it with them.

Please Note: To have a session you must have been assessed and diagnosed by a medical professional for that issue.


So – what have you got to lose but the PAIN?  Call the Trainer/Organiser Now.

Go to the events page and see if there is an event you can get to and click on the “Find Out More ” Button to get the contact details. 




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