An OldPain2Go® Session at no cost in Return for You Helping a Practitioner achieve their first Client Session at a Training Event. It's a win-win.

OldPain2Go® Analysis of 216 Feedback Forms

OldPain2Go® Analysis of 216 Feedback Forms

Why is it a free Session?

When people train in OldPain2Go® they typically work with an Applicant at the end of the training. We offer this service free of charge to people who apply and have a quick screening phone call. The applicant gets a chance to be pain-free for free and the newly trained Practitioner gets chance to try out their new skills under the supervision of a Trainer. So, it is a win-win for both of you. The Trainer may also demonstrate on an Applicant early on in the training. The Trainer will need to assess which category you would best fit. To be a successful Applicant you must have, longer than twelve weeks ago, consulted a medical practitioner who advised or prescribed pain relief.

There are NO catches. You will NOT be asked to buy anything - no further treatments, no potions, nothing. You are coming to the event purely to benefit the newly trained Practitioners and Yourself.

#1, Pain issues relating to purely physical causes (not emotional trauma). These will be worked on by the newly trained Practitioner (One Applicant for each Practitioner at the event)

#2, More complex issues. These will be worked on by the TRAINER (Only One Applicant per training event)

Two Levels of Issues

Brief Telephone Assessment 

Applicants are assessed by the Trainer to determine that their issue is suitable for a newly trained Practitioner to work with and get a desired outcome. This can ONLY be done by talking to the Trainer of the Event you can attend so you must call them to discuss your pain issues (written messages are not a suitable way to assess you). The Applicant must talk to the Trainer, you cannot book in someone else on their behalf (you can initiate the call and then pass the phone to the applicant).

What to Expect as a Successful Applicant (most people are)

This is a non-medical intervention, we only talk with you. You must have consulted a medical Practitioner and advised or prescribed pain medication or pain management.

  • You will attend a training event with typically between 1 and 10 trainees observing.
  • The event may be recorded, and if so, you will be given the opportunity to consent or not to consent to the use of that video afterwards.
  • Applicants for a Practitioner will need to allow about 30 minutes for the session.
  • Applicants for the Trainer will need to allow about 60 minutes for the session.
  • The person working with you will have no prior knowledge of you or what you have come for.
  • You will be asked to briefly describe the pain issue, the current level of pain and when it first started.
  • We do NOT work ON you, only with you. You will be working on yourself with the assistance and direction of the Trainee/Trainer.
  • No physical manipulation will take place, this is a talking therapy designed to reach an agreement with the part of the brain that makes pain messages.
  • The Trainee may ask to touch your arm or shoulder when and where appropriate to make a physical connection, they will only do so with your permission.
  • No trance state is required, and you will be fully aware of everything.
  • You will be supported to go into a relaxed state, and for some of the process this will be with eyes closed.
  • At the end of the session, you will self-assess your new level of pain or total absence of it.
  • You will be given guidance on what to do afterwards.
  • You will NOT be advised about medication – other than that you need to see your doctor for him/her to deal with any changes wanted/needed.
  • This treatment is a one session discovery of how much your own mind can help you.
  • SAFE: You will not be numbing any area, so any new issues where pain would be necessary can appear and be noticed at a lower level than if you kept the old pain.
  • A belief that this will work is NOT needed. However, you must WANT it to work and not be disadvantaged in any way by it working..
  • Please see the home page for a description of how OldPain2Go works.
  • This is a fantastic opportunity, please ensure you keep your appointment or you rob someone else of that opportunity. If you have any issues that may interfere with your ability to attend, such as being on call for work, you must tell the organiser. It will not stop you from being given the opportunity, it may result in you having an opportunity on standby.

All OldPain2Go® Practitioners and Trainers are independent traders, they DO NOT work for OldPain2Go®, they use the methodology.

Please Note

You must contact the organiser of the training event directly and only by speaking to them can you be given a place. You cannot be assessed through messages. Before calling please consider any reason why being pain-free may not be good for you and if so discuss it with them. Contact the Organiser/Trainer.
Please Note: To have a session you must have been assessed by a medical professional for that issue.

Take Action. You have nothing to lose but your current perception of PAIN 

Contact the relevant Trainer/Organiser Now.

For Steven's Events: to set up a brief chat or call during office hours: 07593 687 506