May 30

Jason Linett Interview

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Getting the Word Out

How life changes, a few months ago I was scrabbling around for opportunities! Have you ever noticed how when you chase things they run off in the opposite direction? Well recently things changed and one of the worlds best-known hypnotherapists actually asked me if I wanted to be interviewed for his PodCast. When I saw that he had interviewed so many people I really admire, well what could I say except a YES please. What an opportunity to join a line up including; Igor Ledochowski, Chris Thompson, Karl Smith, Kevin Laye and Mike Mandel. So here is the link to the site, just click the Image!

Apr 29

What Present Do You Want?

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Ever been asked what you want for your Birthday? There are two ways of answering, a direct approach - "Oh I would love that someone bought me a......" or you just drop hints, hoping they can afford and will buy you whatever it is. You will have realised by now that if you really want something - you have to state very clearly what it is, including the details so they buy you the right thing. Hints don't work well either for you or the person buying the present. They want to get something you will love and are concerned they will get it wrong, so may fall back on a safe option, or just simply get it wrong whilst thinking they are getting it right.

The present moment is the only moment we have. That is why it is called the present. We get to choose what to fill our present with - this is called free will. If we don't enjoy the present it is often that we aren't living in it. We all spend a lot of time in the future or in the past in our thoughts. We go over regrets or injustices as though we can somehow change it by thinking about it yet again. Or we project ourselves into the future, often into the worry of predicting a bad outcome for something that is yet to happen.

The thing few people know but should is that the unconscious gets confused by negatives. When we think about what we don't want that is exactly what it delivers to us. We have a conscious mind for free will and the unconscious to carry out what we have asked for by running any one of millions of programs available to it. This is why we don't have to think about walking, only where we want to get to. When you want someone to buy you a car for your birthday, you can't just answer "don't buy me a pen", when they ask what you want. A pen may be the only thing that sticks in their memory and therefore that is what you get.

Your unconscious struggles each day to make sense of what it thinks you are asking for. According to Eckhart Tolle 70% of our thoughts are negative. That is one hell of a lot of confusion for the unconscious trying to decipher what you want!

The answer is simple. For a life you can love, be clear what you ask for in your thoughts, including the details that are needed. The unconscious can then do its best to provide you with it. Enjoy your present!


May 06

Pain is like a Fire Alarm

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Are you in pain that you have had a long time? Please read this....

Imagine you live in a house where the smoke alarm triggered 10 years ago for a fire that was put out that night. However, the alarm has continued to ring incredibly loudly 24 hours a day 7 days a week ever since.
You cannot throw the alarm away or take the batteries out because that would put you at the risk of serious injury or death, and so would muffling the sound with a pillow. So you can’t live with this alarm, but you also cannot live without it!
Have you ever thought that whilst it keeps ringing loudly, it will not alert you if a new fire has started in the vicinity? Or that eventually it will need to ring evermore louder so that you are still aware of it and alert?
So imagine now that someone invents a reset button. It is simple to operate all you do is press it once and it tells the alarm that the fire it warned us about is out, and it can now look out for new fires. The first fire may have caused irreparable damage but that is not the concern of the smoke alarm, it is programmed so that the smell of charcoal does not falsely trigger it. Its only job is to alert us to present danger only as and when it happens.
Old pain is like an alarm, it carries on telling you a message that you acted on a long time ago. If there is no need to remind you then you can safely have it reset.