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Steven Shares His Experience and Methods.

Lesson 1 Chapter 1

I have always had an interest in how the mind works and in 2010 I started learning NLP and Hypnotherapy. Since then I have learned many other techniques. This course will NOT be covering the techniques and methodologies that were the starting blocks for my work. I would not be doing them justice, nor would I like to cover element that I don’t use, and I don’t want to spend time teaching principles, from an angle that people already know well.

It will be covering what I actually use in my work, which was refined from that learning and practice. Therefore, if you do NOT have an existing grounding in the fundamentals of working with these types of clients this training WILL NOT be of use to you (yet). For those who do have, this will be a valuable addition of what I found to work in several thousand cases of treatments to dramatically reduce anxiety (or similar issues) and make a major breakthrough in just one session. My sessions were one client per day and for as long as it took (fixed price sessions averaging about 3 hours). You can, of course, do it over as many sessions and the duration of your choice. I have shared the Gold Nuggets from my work - what actually worked, not a sanitised version of what would be easier and less controversial to tell you.

Where possible I will attribute what I learned to the original source of inspiration, please forgive me if I can no longer sufficiently separate it out to do so.

All my work is based on stripping what is done back to the basic principles. I will NOT be explaining the science behind it that comes with the original training, nor will I be using technical words or explanations. I WILL be explaining the logical principles of why it works so effectively – from a logical point of view.

My training has often included Doctors and Psychologists, and those so far have all been happy with my explanations, without needing the scientific detail or language. My simplicity of explanation is deliberate because it is the same for training people as it is for the client’s I work with, as the explanations are part of the therapy process.

The contents will take you through:

  • The concepts that are behind the success of all sessions.
  • The whole process, from inquiry to client leaving with a satisfactory result.
  • The education elements that will assist the client to let go of the problem.
  • The techniques, in full, that I developed or created.
  • Transcripts from 5 very different case studies (around 20 hours of sessions).
  • Within the cost - Access to all the training element a Client can purchase for self-help.

When you have trained you can become an OldStuff2LetGo® Practitioner. There will be a mutual agreement between us that you should get work from the visitors to our website who purchase the self help pack, as they will be directed to have a session or sessions with an OldStuff2LetGo® Practitioner, and we would expect OldStuff2LetGo® Practitioners to advise those clients who have not already purchased the pack to do so. This should generate work each way as a mutual benefit and it will not be commission based, either way, just a mutual working together, both benefiting from the work generated from the web site.

I hope that you will take from my body of learning the many gold nuggets I have to share.

I don’t expect you to work in the same way as me, I am somewhat of a maverick, only concerned with a result that client wants, not what people might think of me. You will be pleasantly surprised and, may sometimes, be disturbed by what I am sharing. 

I do expect you to take the parts you find will suit you and will help the client, and merge them into how you currently operate, to increase your skills, increase your effectiveness, and most likely get you to a result even quicker.