Self Help

Introduction to OldFat2Go

Lesson 1

Hi, I’m Steven Blake and I have been helping people lose weight since 2002.  During that time, I have helped hundreds of people and now want to help hundreds of thousands.  When I started it was providing a service with very low calorie replacement meals which was a very easy and effective diet for people who stuck to it,  In order to help more people stick to it and to provide them with as much support as I could I studied the diet industry and all the alternative solutions.  It soon became clear that food and exercise advice was very contradictory, so I concentrated on the things everyone seemed to agree on.

I realised that if food experts could not agree on much of anything and neither could personal trainers then I would concentrate on what is proven to work.  It also had to be simple and not overly rely on will power.  I have been studying the way people think for over 25 years and in particular the power of positive thinking.  I decided to add to this and qualified as a Hypnotherapist, a subject that had interested me since I was 7 (some 53 years).  I also trained in Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) which sounds complex but really is about how the language we use programs the way we behave. Hypnotherapy and NLP are tools I use to guide others in helping them re-program themselves in all areas of their lives, and to make this an acceptable process for everyone I have eliminated the need for trance.  Using the way we are already programmed is particularly helpful in weight loss and maintenance because eating is so driven by habit and habits are no longer a conscious act.  It is my intent to help you take your unconscious bad habits and turn them into unconscious healthy habits that you enjoy!  So, it’s not about willpower. You do however need to act upon what you read.  As Eric Morecambe said to Ernie Wise “I don’t know why you buy that slimming magazine – you never eat it!”.

So, in conclusion, there is no need to digest all that I tell you, but you do need to accept and digest the suggestions that ring true with you.  Don’t look for perfection, the more you can put into practice the healthier and happier you can be. 

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