The Fire Alarm Analogy for Physical & Emotional Pain

A fire alarm rings loud deliberately to annoy you and force you to leave the building. It is in effect shouting “Get out or you will die”. As we stand outside the alarm is deliberately kept on at that level to keep people out and safe, until the reason for it has been found and the problem dealt with. The alarm is then re-set, ready to warn of danger immediately, therefore keeping us safe. Imagine if that alarm was left on for the next 20 years and we used the building, not only would it be unbearable, if a fire were to start, we would not be aware of it. We could even try to mask the noise, but what if it automatically increased the volume to always sound at the effective level. Or if the wires were cut, we would now be in danger all the time, not alerted to any new danger.

Pain is no different to an alarm. We need the right level of pain volume to make us take the most appropriate action. If the pain was turned down before seeing the Doctor, we would get the wrong diagnosis and/or the wrong level of urgency. If the pain remains whilst the tissues heal, how would we know they are healing properly? If the pain stays after the healing how would we know if something else was a danger in that area? And if the pain message needs to be that volume to get the right attention and urgency, it will want to ensure it remains at that level. This is why pain killers don’t work in some circumstances.

If pain stays, there is always a reason – but often not a medical one! The unconscious responds to what it thinks the threat is, not to what the threat actually is. OldPain2Go® is designed to get the unconscious to reassess the need for this Old Pain and Reduce or Remove it. When we deal with any emotion or pain, we remove the particular Old Program that is no longer serving them. We do not remove our natural survival programs, or emotional warning signals, we just re-set them to be on standby.